Powerful Blogging Tools That Every Rookie Blogger Needs

Blogging allows you to create engaging and informative content. Blogging is the best way to grow a business online. Having a blog allows you to share your brand and promote it on the Internet. However, the same with social media marketing, blogging involves a lot of different tasks and steps such as paid advertising and other online strategies.

Given that blogging requires so much work like creating content, organizing your content, and even promotions to inform people, you may think it’s hard and time-consuming. But with our modern technology, the things mentioned above can be done easily with some blogging tools and with the help of Portland Marketing Consultants.

Every starting blogger needs to know the following tools that can assist them with their blog, be it for hobby or business.

Here’s a short list of blogging tools that can help every newbie while they are still starting out blogging:




Every blogger must need to create a blog to start their blogging process. While there are a lot of existing blogging platforms nowadays where you can freely place your contents,  WordPress has been everyone’s favorite.

Almost all available site uses WordPress particularly because it is easy to use, offers a simple content editor, a wide selection of themes and blog templates, and has a built-in blogging feature which helps every newbie to familiarize every setting.



If you are planning to take blogging seriously and want to make it grow, then you need to gear up and research everything you need for a faster growth of your blog.

BuzzSumo uses brainstorming or even planning when it comes to blasting email for outreach and even social media campaigns. It is a tool that has great features that allows every blogger to create email alerts that will help in trend tracking. 

BuzzSumo can be used in exporting results to Excel files and even filter results. With BuzzSumo there is a lot that you can do. You can also use it in searching the highly shared blog posts in social media. It can also help you search contents that other bloggers have been focusing on, and see what works for them. 



Having great content is excellent and helpful in making your blog more popular, but having an engaging headline will completely change the game.

There is a tool that will help you write a better headline, it is CoSchedule. Co-Schedule helps you in determining a great headline for your contents. It gives you a score about your word balance, and emotions as well. It also explains every section which allows a blogger to make better headlines.

Another use of Coschedule is you can use it in promoting and organizing your content. Having an organized content is important, and by using an editorial calendar, it is doable. 

Using an editorial calendar is important because it can help make your blog grow. This is where Coschedule is on top compared to others because of the function where you can share it in social networks. You can either separately use it or connect it with WordPress.

Yoast SEO Plugin by WordPress


It is always important to regularly check the traffic of your post, especially if you are still starting and haven’t established an audience yet. The way that you can track your blog posts traffic is through search engine optimization or SEO. 

Yoast SEO is a plugin powered by WordPress and has been the top tier for being the most used SEO plugin. Its primary function is designed in helping improve important on-page factors of SEO. You can use it even if you have just started and are not very familiar with SEO and web development.

Yoast SEO is great to help for everyone starting out. It even helps you even in the most complicated tasks in SEO.



MailChimp is one of the leading email service providers in the world that is easy to use as well. It helps bloggers in acquiring more subscribers. Other than the fact that Mailchimp also allows the blogger to set up RSS to email subscriptions, customized their email designs, and functions as the auto mail sender that helps you build campaigns, it is also easy to use. MailChimp is one of the best ways to send an email to people in your contact list. 


Starting a blog can be scary and challenging at the same time. You may not get used to the process for now, but as time passes, it’ll be easier. With the help of some tools listed in this blog, we are hoping that while starting out this can lift up some burdens for you.

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