Know The Best Approach to Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook

If you are looking for a tool to remove duplicate emails from Outlook, and you are stuck in the query “Can I delete duplicate Outlook data files?” You are at the right place. Here we will remove all your queries. These days, practically every firm uses Microsoft Outlook. Within an enterprise, email is typically used for communication. However, excessive emails in your mailbox can occasionally cause the system to slow down. Several emails are similar in these. Users seek to get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook as a result.

Check out this post to get a dependable method to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 365. This technical blog will offer the perfect answer to satisfy your search criteria. We will first examine the potential causes of duplicate emails in the Outlook mailbox before moving on to the process to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Reasons to Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook

In the Microsoft Outlook programs, duplicate items can be deleted for some reason. Below, we’ve covered a few of the main causes:

  • Incorrect or improperly synchronized setup rules could be the cause of it.
  • when you created an Outlook account or when you configured your mailbox incorrectly. Consequently, you can keep getting the same emails.
  • Duplicate emails are also generated during the antivirus program installation.
  • Duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook can cause mailbox sizes to grow, corrupt Outlook data files and Outlook hanging problems.

These are some reasons why we need to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 365. We’ll talk about the best approaches for that now.

How Can I Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook?

Make sure to carefully and accurately follow the instructions if you need to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Method 1: When importing Outlook items, select “Do not import duplicate items.”

  • Start by opening the Microsoft Outlook program locally on your screen.
  • Next, select the Import/Export wizard under the File menu > Open & Export option.
  • Select the Import from another program or file option after that.
  • Proceed and choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option, then click the Next button.
  • In addition, select the option to “Do not import duplicates” and upload the PST file.
  • Finally, pick the folder you want to export and choose Include subfolders. To import objects into the same folder, select it and then click the Finish button.

Method 2: Look for Rules to Configure 

First, make sure that the Outlook rules are set up. Inadequately constructed rules will lead to confusion across various email folders. As a result, you must properly configure the rules. In addition, it guarantees that the Outlook program is only open in a single instance. To close the additional tabs of Outlook.exe, use your system’s Task Manager.

Method 3: Configure the Inbox Frequency to Eliminate Duplicate Emails in Outlook

You must increase the inbox update frequency to use this strategy. Launch Outlook first, and then select the Send and Receive tab. Next, select the Define Send or Receive Groups and send the value in the next fifteen to thirty minutes.

  • Start by launching Microsoft Outlook on your local computer.
  • Following that, select Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups from the Send/Receive menu.
  • Your screen will open in a new window. Select the group that you want to change.
  • Moreover, to form a new group, click the New button.
  • Next, select an automated send/receive every ___ minutes option by clicking the Edit button.
  • Finally, choose the desired period and press the OK button to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Method 4: Use an antivirus program to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. 

Should you find duplicate files in your email, it can be because you unintentionally closed the antivirus program’s settings and server connection. Duplicate emails will result from improperly shutting down synchronization because unmarked emails will continue to be sent.

Approach 5: Utilize Outlook Inbox Cleaning to Eliminate Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has several built-in capabilities to help with a variety of tasks. One of them is Outlook Inbox Clean-Up, which facilitates the elimination of Outlook duplicate emails. To get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Start by launching the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer.
  • Select the folder containing the duplicate emails.
  • Next, select the Clean Up area by clicking.

Because of this, you are unable to customize the protection and must use the antivirus application’s manual method to fix the problem.

Method 6: Confirmed Method to Eliminate Duplicate Emails in Outlook

The tool Outlook Duplicate Remover is safe and virus-free. It clears the Outlook mailbox of all its contents, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and so forth. The program minimizes the size of the PST file and eliminates every duplicate email item in Microsoft Outlook. In addition, the tool has extremely sophisticated technology integrated in to support seamless operation. Additionally, users have the option to save the newly created files in a certain area. Take the actions listed below to learn more.

Steps to remove duplicate emails from Outlook

  • Initially, Download the Outlook Duplicate Remover to your local system and run it as an administrator.
  • Next, choose the Outlook PST file that you wish to have duplicates removed from.
  • Here, users get access to a preview screen where they can examine all of their PST file emails.
  • Next, select the desired folder and press the Next button.
  • Next, click the Next box after choosing the PST format as your saving option.
  • Select the basis for removing duplicates by clicking the Specify Duplicate Criteria button.
  • Next, choose the desired location to save the newly generated file and press the Next button.
  • Ultimately, the selected PST file will have your duplicate emails deleted.

Final Words

The blog’s main goal is to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. We have discussed the several causes of Outlook data file duplication in the post above. And we hope that your query “How do I delete duplicates in Outlook?” will be removed now. However, you can remove duplicate emails in Outlook 365 after reading the blog. Additionally, before you buy the full edition of the utility, you can install the free demo version to see how the software functions.

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