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How to Write Your First Fanfiction from Scratch

First Fanfiction from Scratch


If you’re a passionate reader, gamer, or movie-watcher, sometimes the thrill and excitement after consuming your favorite content is so strong that you feel like you just have to do something about it. This is the power of great content – not only do you enjoy it, but it inspires you to take action on your own.

For many people around the world, writing fanfiction is their favorite way of expressing gratitude and excitement towards their favorite games, books, movies, or TV shows. However, most first-timers have no idea where to start. In this guide, we’re bringing you some tips on how to start on your first fanfiction draft!

1) Find inspiration in other fanfiction

When it’s your first time writing fanfiction, it’s a great idea to read as much fanfiction as you can before starting on your own. It’s well-known advice given by many professional writers: the more you read others, the more you get better at developing your own style. 

You can find awesome fanfiction on Wattpad, social media, or blogs. Depending on your preferences, you will find anywhere from zero to tons of fanfiction. For example, Harry Potter has over 600,000 fanfiction stories published.

2) Lean on your favorite scene or section

You probably re-read your favorite book or played your favorite game again during the coronavirus times. What scenes stand out as your favorites? Which parts of the story trigger strong emotion in you and urge you to think about them later, talk about them to other fans or write about them?

These scenes and storylines are the perfect choice for a starting point to lean on when you first start drafting your fanfiction. Just start with the last sentence of a chapter, for example, and carry on from there. Or, if you’re writing based on a game or TV show, take a dialogue sentence and continue from there.

3) Use online tools or services for help

For writers, there are many tools and services available online that can really help the writing process to go smoothly. Here are some of our recommendations: paper writing service, Australian essay writing service , best online essay help (find help from professional paper writers), Grammarly (check your fanfiction for grammar and spelling mistakes), Scrivener (a tool for storytelling and writing in an organized way). 

4) Join writer groups

Most fanfiction writers are part of groups and challenges that help them find motivation, inspiration, and solutions to writing problems. You can find these groups on social media networks like Facebook on Instagram. Wattpad is also incredibly popular with fanfiction writers. Another great resource is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – November) for writers who want to create a full novel within one month. They share tips and resources and motivate each other to actually make it. 

5) Craft a detailed writing plan

If you’re waiting to get struck by a bolt of inspiration in order to start writing, you’re in for a bumpy ride. When you are serious about making your fanfiction happen, don’t just wait for those short moments of inspiration. Make a detailed writing plan on what you will focus on, when.

Most importantly, try to set a reasonable deadline for when you want to finish your work. Without this, you will probably fall victim to the Parkinson’s law, which says that the time needed for finishing the work will expand to cover however much time is left before the deadline. When you don’t have one at all, it’s very hard to finish. 

Of course, if you are writing purely for fun and you don’t have goals of finishing a short story or a fanfiction novel, you don’t have to pressure yourself with deadlines and plans. 

6) Refrain from over-editing

A common recipe for fast and creative writing is to just write, write, write whatever pops into your head, and don’t worry too much about it. You will have all the time in the world to edit the writing later on. When you are creating your first draft, you will get a boost of motivation and self-confidence when you see how much you’ve written in just a day or two.

That’s why it’s best that you don’t edit in real time, as you’re writing. Many fanfiction creators start with a sentence, re-write it again and again. After a couple of hours, you are left with a couple of sentences, and you feel absolutely frustrated and exhausted. This is a common occurrence when it comes to perfectionism. Be a perfectionist when editing – but let your mind and pen run free as you are working on your first draft.

7) Write like no one is reading

Sure, it’s great to fantasize about someone adapting your fanfiction for the screen, but this will only give you pressure and perfectionism while you are writing. There is a famous saying: “Dance like nobody’s watching.” This can apply to writing as well. Writing for yourself, without thoughts of publishing or other people reading it is a great tool for authenticity and relaxed writing.

Just like with editing, leave these thoughts and perspectives for moments when you’re re-reading, proofreading, and correcting your draft. Until then, enjoy the power of expression!


Writing fanfiction can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. It allows you to tap into your creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills, all the while enabling you to express love towards your favorite work of art. We know – writing your first piece of fanfiction is not easy, and it can feel awkward at the beginning. Just relax and let your imagination take over!

When you feel like you are having difficulties finding inspiration or expressing yourself, reach out to other fanfiction writers. They can inspire you and share some of their own work, or provide feedback for the parts you’ve already written. 

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