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Tools To Help While You Write

Tools To Help While You Write

Becoming a proficient writer who knows how to handle different niche is not something that develops overnight. It requires years of practice, diligence, and perseverance in order to master the art of writing while there are some predetermined skills that a writer must possess the right set of tools that will aid him/her in the writing process. 

There’s no doubt in asserting that every writer thinks and works differently. Hence, every writer requires a different tool according to their working pattern. 

There are plenty of tools aligned for writers that make the job easier for them by giving their little contribution. It is also proven that these tools increase the writer’s efficiency to work and saves time. 

Some online apps and software like work as a helping hand for writers during the writing process. Take a look at the below list of tools that you can use as a writer to manage things efficiently.

This site allows you to create an online writer’s portfolio where you can display your work proudly.


This is a familiar tool, but necessary for interviews and client conversations.

Pear Note

This app records a conversation and syncs it with your notes. You can then pick a spot in your notes and playback the corresponding portion of the conversation.

Google Docs

While there are many options for online word processors, this is a favorite for collaboration.


This application is also known for collaboration and is great for storing notes and research too.

Cold Turkey

This program lets you lock yourself out of certain sites for a period of time to remove the temptation of procrastination.


This nifty app, available on pretty much any platform, adjusts the brightness of your screen automatically to reduce the inevitable eyestrain of modern computer-based writing.


This app doesn’t just check readability, but rates your sentences so you know how to fix them.


Milanote is a tool to organize your projects into lovely visual boards. Milanote built-in templates help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a mood board to create out the visual direction for a project. Its sharing features help those who regularly work with clients and need feedback for their jobs. Milanote has a basic plan, that is available for free with no time-limit.

Lorem ipsum generators

For those moments when you simply need words – any words -to fill some space. Our list adds a few laughs.


This brainstorming tool allows you to easily map and track ideas.

Try the Pomodoro Technique to boost your writing productivity.

Dragon Dictation

This application transfers your recorded voice into text. Record notes on the go.


Ask a thousand of your closest friends for help. There’s bound to be an expert on the subject in there somewhere.

Ted Talks

For inspiration and information, look to experts and innovators in every subject under the sun.

While skills are essential to curate unique content every time, choosing the right set of skills helps in giving an opportunity to manage thing better and concentrate more on developing effective content. The above mentioned were some common tools used by writers to make things easier and save time. These tools are used for a different task, and it is important to ascertain your requirement before opting for a tool. 

So, choose your tool wisely and start scribbling!

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