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How to update windows 10

Now, we all know that how Microsoft is keep changing its ways and giving its users the maximum ways to use windows with great keys that you can use even on so many separate ways. Now in the past windows like window 7 and Windows 8 were launched the users didn’t expect it to be that much of change not only in appearance but the idea to make them more fundamental for its users.

For those users who really like to use windows on PC certainly knows that how many windows 10 can offer to them there is so much changed since the last launch of window 8.1 but it can also change the whole concept of its users. In an earlier interview, Microsoft said that we have accomplished so much by developing windows and in that our journey we wanted to make something different.

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since now in the modern ways people like s to get connected faster and want to work very smoothly with ease this window 10 will feature everything because it will allow you to gain access to the cloud computing a server where you can easily go where ever you want.

Below we have listed some of the real facts about How to update windows 10 to help you understand how much you feel the difference and how the ear of windows will continue with it or not as a programmer and developer how much this window has got the potential to live up to the expectations of everyone. There are some errors that you might face while updating your windows 10 like MSVCP100.dll is missing and some others. But it’s very easy to fix MSVCP100.dll is the missing error.

What is the difference between old windows comparing to windows 10?

There is a lot of differences between windows 10 and other before it because every time if any windows launches it has its own features and specifications that helps its user to get it friendly more and more like previously windows 8 was released it didn’t go well they made a new version with window 8.1 that covers all the major aspects but still it lacks some improvements but now windows 10 hand on impressions totally flatters everyone because Microsoft believes that the future of windows if for all platforms.

On which device windows 10 work friendly?

The windows 10 will definitely work on your desktop PC’s, laptops devices, smart phones such as IOS and android it is not that heavy in installing you can say that it is the light version of window 8.1 with some great apps to explore and with great operating system and it is more easy to use than any other previous windows.

What types of applications should we see in windows 10?

We all know that every time that new windows come it holds some great apps that allows us to use by making account with every one of it who are very easily accessible and much explorer than you ever think new app’s in windows will feature like you can use it your windows 10 from your laptop to mobile devices and they are much friendly with your game consoles as well.

Essential steps of How to update windows 10:

Microsoft releases monthly updates to Windows 10 and makes sure you always prefer to go with manual updates let’s begin shall we,

  1. first, go to settingsupdate windows 10
  2. click on the update and securityupdate windows 10 options
  3. then click on windows update
  4. after that click on check for updatesupdate windows 10 updates window
  5. restart your system after the update has been downloaded

Final verdict:

These are some of the real facts and about How to update windows 10. It will be definitely going to change the landscape of using windows because just like the passage of time is moving on the much easier and much better their performances are being made and this window is going to make everything possible for all types of users. For other solutions for Windows related problems, you can visit

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