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How to monitor employees in working hours with the TOS windows spy app?

monitor employees in working hours with the TOS windows spy app

There is quite a frightening situation associated with business owners. The reason behind the scary situation of employers is their employees. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but employers these days are making foolish suspicions even on their loyal employees that always believe in honesty and only demand handsome salary package and incentives in return but at the end of the day got trapped by the ones who seem gentleman, dedicated, but happens to be quite clever. 

Business owners want to catch the real culprits, but they won’t because lacking with proves or someone kept on bitching against the loyal ones and manipulate the facts. Normally, it happens most of the time the closer ones actually did the wrong job against the business owners. However, necessarily employers want to catch the dishonest, and rouge employee that is not easy at all. Although technology has made it possible and has done a good job for employers to monitor employees in working hours with the TOS windows spy app.

How to get & use TOS to spy on employees in working hours?

If you are one of those victims whose employees have stolen the company’s secrets and today business owners are no longer care about anyone. Don’t make foolish decisions without having evidence against your loyal employees. However, you can get your hands on the high –tech tool that empowers you to know about the employees who are doing a good job and even about the ones that are actually rouge or dishonest employees. You just need to get your hands on the best computer monitoring software and the following are some points that empower you to get the job done.

Step1: Subscribe for TOS Windows Monitoring software

Are you a business owner and you want to do surveillance on your employees within the working hours? Simply, visit the web on your digital device and go to the official webpage of the windows surveillance app. Now you can subscribe and you will get the login credentials via email.

Step2: Get Physical access on the target device

Now you have to get physical access on your employee’s windows PCs and when you have got it then start the installation process. Once you have been ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

 Now use the login password and ID that you have received via email at the time of subscription. It will empower you to get access to the online control panel of the computer monitoring software. Furthermore, you can visit multiple tools that empower you to track your employee’s activities within the working hours on the company’s owned windows laptops and desktops.

Use Windows tracking app features to monitor employees in working hours

Windows Browsing History

The end-user can remotely get access to the target device and can monitor browsing activities of employees within the working hours. Moreover, you can come to know about the visited websites, and bookmarks with a timestamp.


Now you can track activities of your employees within the working hours by remotely capturing the screenshots of the windows PCs screen. You can send plenty of commands at once to get back to back screenshots of particular activity happen on target windows laptop or desktop.

Surround Recorder

You can record and listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations by getting control over the windows laptop MIC. All you can do that to surround the recording tool for windows.

Block Websites

Most of the employees waste time on multiple websites within the working hours. So, you can block all the time-wasting websites by putting the URLs into the filters.

Read Emails

You can read all sent and received emails on windows devices within no time by using email monitoring software for windows.

Windows Keylogger

Employers can also track all the keystrokes applied on the target laptop desktop windows computer device using windows keystrokes logging. You can monitor keystrokes of messages, passwords, messenger and email keystrokes.


TheOneSpy Windows surveillance software is one and only of its kind that empowers you to monitor windows devices provided to employees to know about their activities within the working hours.

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