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How to Find the Right Oscillating Tool to Complete the Job

How to Find the Right Oscillating Tool to Complete the Job

Although oscillating tools are popular, some people are still not conversant with them. That is why we are going to talk about them deeply in this article. An oscillating tool is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that helps you handle various tasks on different materials. The key to effectively performing tasks with such a tool is the blade you install. Of course, choosing the right oscillating tool blade can also be a bit complex for some people, even the experts. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you. Here are a few tips.

1.  Nails and Bolts

When cutting bent nails and bolts, it is advisable to go for the blades that have teeth with two types of metals. An excellent example of such is a blade is cobalt steel teeth. In fact, this is a top choice when handling any kind of nail or bolt as it can cut through them with ease.

2.      Handling Wood

In most places across the world, many items are made of wood, especially in households. This then means that at one point, a need would arise for cutting wood and what better blade to use in such instances than the chrome blade. A chrome blade is a rigid steel blade that expels sawdust when cutting wood. That is why it is preferred in such situations. Another reason why it is used here is that it prevents the wood from burning when one is cutting it.

Of course, sometimes getting a chrome blade can be a bit tricky. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can pick up any other rigid blade made of steel. Just make sure it has a double row of alternating teeth.

3.      Scrapping

When handling such tasks, it is important for you to go for scraping blades. There are two kinds of blades, namely; flexible scraping blades and rigid scraping blades. The rigid ones come in handy during scraping tasks like removing paints, undercoating, and getting rid of silicone. A good place to start when looking for such blades is checking out Fein Multimaster blades. You will definitely find something that excites you, which will help you carry out your tasks easily.

4.      Grout Removal

Grout removal is a tricky exercise, and hence you need special types of blades. What makes these blades special is that they do not have teeth like regular blades. Instead, their cutting surfaces are purely made of a tough carbide grit, which is what makes them a top choice in grout removal.

5.      Cutting Metals

Metal is naturally a tough and hard material. Therefore, if you want to cut through items made of metal, having an equally tough material would come in handy. That is why, when cutting metals, it is important to use bi-metal blades. These are oscillating tool blades that are made of more than one type of metal. This is because such blades are hard and can withstand the pressure that goes into cutting through metal, thereby completing the task with ease.


The best way to navigate the world of using oscillating blades is by knowing the type of blade to use in different situations. If you are going to handle wood, for instance, you must use a rigid blade with alternating teeth. A good example is a chrome blade. With this, cutting wood will be a walk in the park. On the other hand, when you are handling grout removal tasks, carbide blades will help you immensely. Of course, we cannot forget the fact the impressive roles bi-metal blades play in cutting metal.


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