Wiper Blade Types Explained

Wiper Blade Types Explained

A scratching, scraping windshield wiper blade is ineffective and uncomfortable while you drive. If you’re driving in heavy rain or snow fall, it could be dangerous. Replace your windshield wiper blades with one of these types. Use a VIN lookup free online tool to find the right size, brand and blade type for your climate and driving experience.

Choose the Right Size

Wiper blades come in a variety of sizes. Thankfully, there are plenty of brands and types available in each size. You’ll need to choose the correct size to properly install your blades, but this won’t affect the type of blade you choose. Each one has its own pros and cons, so compare these three common types to find the best option for yourself.

1. Conventional

Basic windshield wiper blades are the most affordable option available. They use a simple rubber squeegee and metal frame. The frame can pivot, so the squeegee stays against your windshield across its entire arch.

Because of the availability of more durable, long-lasting designs, conventional wiper blades are less common than they previously were. They should be replaced after about six months of use, so they won’t last as long as beam and hybrid blades.

2. Beam

Choose the right wiper blade size of beam wipers to enjoy stylish contoured blades. Perfect for freezing temperatures and snowy conditions, beam wiper blades are popular in northern climates with harsh winters.

The curve of beam blades offers even more continuous contact than conventional options. They are made of a solid piece of rubber, so they offer the cleanest wipe on the market. They also last roughly twice as long as conventional options, so you only have to replace your blades after a year of use.

Beam blades are also more expensive than conventional options. Prepare to pay more for the luxury of contoured, long-lasting wipers.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid blades, rather than meaning electronic like hybrid vehicles, are a balance between beam and conventional blades. Hybrid blades have a conventional rubber squeegee and metal frame, but they use a rubber shell surrounding the blade for better performance.

This aerodynamic shell offers all-weather protection like a beam blade. Hybrid wipers are more affordable than beam options, but they are slightly more expensive than conventional braces. Choose hybrid if you enjoy a middle-of-the-road approach and aren’t concerned about frequent snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Compare Brands

The brand you choose can also determine the quality, efficiency and lifespan of your windshield wipers. Some brands are designed to offer budget-friendly prices and reasonable performance, while other brands offer industry-leading efficiency and are priced accordingly. Read reviews and discuss brands with a customer service agent online or at a local store to find the best brand for your budget and your vehicle.

Find Leading Wiper Blades Today

Shop for replacement windshield wiper blades for any make or model of vehicle online. Compare each type and brand and select the ideal size for your vehicle. When you order online, you can easily filter out incorrect sizes and search based on customer reviews and other convenient features.

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