How to Find and Remove duplicate Photos in PC

Do you want to remove duplicate photos from your pc and free up some space? Duplicates take up the majority of a computer’s storage space. Most copies are formed when you import files from numerous sources and transfer data through various sources. Images make up a significant portion of the clutter.

People love taking pictures in the form of selfies, holiday pictures, and more. It is so simple to whip out your phone and shoot a few shots when you are out. To get it correct, we take many pictures from the same angle. However, some of the images are fuzzy and not up to par to be deemed decent photos.

You must keep an eye on the production of duplicates and clean them on a regular basis to maintain your PC speedy and clean. Finding & removing duplicate images manually is a tedious and time-consuming task.

Therefore, we recommend using a third-party application. For this tutorial, we will use PictureEcho to save you time and effort in sifting through images. PictureEcho is a tool that can assist you in getting rid of duplicate photos on your computer. So, without further delay, let us have a look at how to get rid of identical images.

How to Find and Remove duplicate Photos in PC

PictureEcho: PictureEcho is one of the easiest and best duplicate photo finder applications to organize, find and remove duplicate photos on PC. It finds visually the same and exact duplicate pictures using its intuitive algorithm and offers four similarity scan options to give more accurate, precise, and complete results. The application is lightweight and easy to use with any version of windows.

Follow the steps below to remove duplicate photos from your PC easily.

Step 1: Open the program, and then click on Add path to choose the file, folder, hard drive, or external drive you wish to scan.

step 1: Remove duplicate Photos

Step 2: Now select either the ‘Exact Match’ or the ‘Similar Match’ option. (Exact duplicates are pictures that match each other bit by bit, pixel by pixel. While the Similar match option will scan for the files that even have a slight similarity with the original one.)

Step 3: If you are going for a similar match scan. Click the similarity setting below to choose the type of scan and then click OK.

Settings: Remove duplicate Photos

Step 4: In both the Exact Match and Similar Match scenarios, the Included Extensions tab displays the picture formats that will be scanned.

Step 5: The Excluded Folders page displays locations that have been excluded from all scans by default, ensuring that no necessary files are deleted.

Step 6: To see a preview of an image that is found during the scan, check the Show Preview checkbox.

Start search

Step 7: Finally, press the Start Search button to begin the scan.

Step 8: When the scan is finished, you’ll see the results and some images on your screen. (The photographs chosen are those that the software’s auto-delete feature has chosen.)


Step 9: You have the option of going through each file and marking them or using the files that the software has selected for you.

Step 10: Now you can remove the selected files. 

How to stop uploading duplicate photos on your PC

Avoiding identical photos from being uploaded in the first place is the most effective approach to maintain your photo albums in an organized way. When transferring pictures from your camera to PC, using dedicated folders right away is a fantastic approach to ensure you don’t upload the same shots twice. You will have less pictures in the folder if you upload all the photos into a single folder.

Now if you try to upload a photo that is similar to one already existing, windows will prompt you to replace existing image and that way you can easily skip.

Using an app like Google Photos, which can detect duplicate uploads, is another practical approach to eliminating your albums’ same content. However, identical photographs will ultimately appear in Google Photos, so you’ll need to manage your albums there as well.

When you have the correct tools, deleting duplicate images from Windows 10 is a breeze. Third-party applications like PictureEcho can assist you in swiftly and easily manage your albums.

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