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The Ultimate Guide to Google Cameos

Google Cameos

Imagine getting updates about celebrities’ lives from celebrities themselves. You can ask them questions and they’d give you answers through recordings

Fans are sure to enjoy this app from Google–Cameos. It gives celebrities a venue to stay in touch with their fans, who then, in turn, learn more about their favorite stars. 

But what is Cameos really? Let’s take a quick look at it. 

Before Cameos

At one time in history, the majority of people could only understand celebs through their looks on phase, screen, or radio. In time, they ended up being slightly more accessible as papers and magazines detailed their lives and activities, sometimes through a creepy and somewhat undesirable lens. Celebrities are now turning things around as they actively engage with their fans over the Web.

The emergence of Cameos

Google developed Cameos for Android so stars can communicate with fans by publishing brief video responses to popular concerns. Last year, Google introduced the Cameos on Google lets you be the authority on you. Record video answers to the most asked concerns on Google and after that post them right to Google.

What is Cameos on Google?

Google Cameos is a new Google app that lets celebrities answer questions through recorded videos. These video-answers appear directly to Google Search.

How Cameos work

In Cameos, celebrities answer the Internet’s most pressing questions through recorded videos. Those videos, and the answers in them, will then go straight into Google’s search results to give users easy and reliable solutions to their questions.

However, we can’t expect videos of celebrities to pop up immediately. Stars need to start using the app first, and no one is exactly sure if that will even happen.

The topics can vary from somebody’s life and history, or endeavor into a professional career; of course, information that curious people would want to get their hands into any time. Questions are post and Responses will appear in an easy to find and sort manner. 

In case you are still confused, here’s a guide on how Cameos work.

  1. An invitation is received by email.
  2. Download the app on your phone, available on iOS and Android.
  3. When you start the app, you will be asked questions based on the knowledge Google has on you from its Knowledge Graph. These questions can be divided into two categories: 
    1. For the fans (things that are more personal that only you might be able to answer)
    2. Trending topics (most frequent questions on trending topics related to you)
  4. Choose a question and start recording. When you’re satisfied with your output, you can send it to them.
  5. The video will be published in an hour or so on Google Search 
  6. The app then sends you a quick overview

Who can use Cameos

Anyone can download the Cameos, but not everyone can use it. You will need Google to grant you access before you can start using the app, and as of now, it seems only celebrities can do so.

Google is, nevertheless, accepting applications through the app. You only must provide your name (and relationship if you’re representing someone), email address, and a contact number. However, Google did include a demonstration mode so we, lay individuals, can get a taste of how the app works. Just don’t be disappointed too much: it’s not much more than an easy sandbox experience.

If you want to be part of Cameos, you may want to take note of this list on how to get an invitation.

  1. Get your name/brand in Google’s Knowledge Graph (not exactly easy, but doable)
  2. Get verified – when your name appears with a Knowledge panel you can start with the verification process
  3. Make sure the information about you is always accurate and up do date 

The tech aspect

The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any method.

Is Google trying to be a Social Network?

While, yes, it is quite similar, not everybody can access it. Perhaps it is kind of a network for the people invited, but it is not available to the general populace, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s a social network. I’m confident that Google is trying to become a social network, as it has worked before. We’re not sure if it will be successful, though.

Cameos is a fun app especially for people who’d love to know more about their favorite stars. However, we still need to find out how it fares.

Let us know what you think of Cameos. Leave a message below. 

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