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How the optometric industry has improved eye care

optometric industry

Good vision helps you perform all your day-to-day activities well. That is why it’s very important to ensure you take care of your eyes to keep them at their best.  Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski in Bourbonnais is an honest, caring optometrist who puts patients’ needs first. He offers services such as eye exams, glasses, contacts, and dry eye treatment.  The dr. and his team gives the patients the information they need to make eye care choices independently.  Please contact the clinic by calling or booking using their online platforms.

What are some of the eye care services offered at the clinic?

1.     Eye exams and how it helps check your vision

An eye exam is helpful to both eyesight and your eye health. During the exam, the team evaluates your visual system in a variety of ways.  The clinic uses the jaeger chart tests that check to see if you are near sighted, and the Snellen eye chart checks your far sighted.

How do eye exams check your health?

The specialist evaluates your health and checks for emerging eye diseases in several ways. You can expect all of the below tests during your comprehensive eye exams.

  • Retinal exam
  • Slit-lamp exam
  • Tonometry
  • Peripheral vision test
  • Diabetic eye exams

2. Dry eye

It is a condition that is caused when your eyes are unable to produce good-quality tears. It leaves your eyes dry, itchy, and scratchy. Meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis are the main drivers behind dry eyes.

What causes dry eyes?

The most common dry eye condition includes age, allergies, computer screens, hormonal changes in women, contact lenses, or eye surgery.

How can dry eyes be treated?

The physicians at the center will offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools available. The team will ensure they do a complete examination of your eye. The moment they pinpoint the cause of your dry eye, they will recommend and prescribe the medications that are best for you.

3.   Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a refractive error when your cornea is longer and more oval than it should be. This interferes with light focusing on your retina. The cells at the back of your eye transform sunlight into signals that go to your brain to become visual images. The signs that show you have Astigmatism include poor night vision, eyestrain, chronic headaches, and irritated eyes.

How is Astigmatism diagnosed?

The specialist will do several tests for Astigmatism, including:

  • Visual acuity test using eye charts
  • Keratometry test to check corneal curvature
  • Refraction to see how well your eyes focus light

How is Astigmatism treated?

The team will recommend eyeglasses and contact lenses as they are both effective ways to correct Astigmatism in many situations. They might also recommend LASIK surgery depending on your needs because it’s a state-of-the-art evolution of LASIK that uses a laser instead of the blade.

In summary, if you need superior vision and eye care services, the team at the clinic welcomes you and new patients at all locations.

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