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How Technology Has Control over Brains and Genes to Make a Better Life

Do you know what Genes are? It is principally a term related to biology biology. It is a unit of heredity that convey from parent to their offspring. These genes define the qualities of the future generation. 

Let’s understand this with some basic examples.

You must have seen many children born with physical problems, like:

  • Poor eyesight 
  • Diabetes 
  • Hair fall 

You might be surprised to know that how can it be possible? A newborn baby did not spend hours in front of the television that leads him to face poor eyesight. It all happens because of heredity, i.e. a trait that has transferred from parents to their child. 

Now, let’s understand the relationship between technology and genes. How rising tech brings revolutionary changes in the medical field? 

The Relation between Technology and Genes 

The medical sector is rising faster than ever; it is all happening because of technology. We have mentioned that gene is nothing but a DNA OR RNA that fusion of the gene product. Millions of genes contribute to Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). You can consider this as a chain of thousand genes. 

Here, technology plays its role; the gene structure can be modified according to the demand. We have talked about a child with poor eyesight. There is a possibility that changing the gene’s structure can cure the diseases. 

It clearly shows that technology can make person diseases free. Not only has this but provided the full access to the genes. 

Evolution of the Human Body with Technology 

There is a famous quote “humans are inventions of their thinking”. If you compare the life of now with thousand years ago, you will find the mind-blowing difference. What difference?

  • Light 
  • Heart transplant 
  • Eyeglasses 
  • Vehicle 

With time, no matter the cause is positive or negative, but it changes the way of living. There is data that shows one in four people are suffering from mental health issues, like depression.

In earlier days, it seems impossible to cure, but with brain implants, from the last couple of years, thousands of patients got relief from the mental health problems. Not only this, there are many other non-curable diseases, like:

  • Parkison’s A and B 
  • Faction disorder 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

You might be wondering to know how it works, let’s understand the working part in a nutshell.

How Technology Helps To Get Rid Of Mental Problem 

There is a method in the medical field names as “deep brain stimulation”. In such type of machine, they send the pulse to the responsible brain areas. The sensation tries to bring changes that affectively bring positive changes. 

You can imagine that technology can play with human’s brain and change the way of living you are living nowadays. Even directly interfacing with the brain is a much more sophisticated theory then hip or kidney replacement. But with the assistance of the technology, this task becomes possible.

One major question that resists people to leverage medical technology is COST. Clear the cost factor, read the below-mentioned point. 

The Cost behind Accessing This Emerging Technology

No doubt, in such type of technology, heavy machinery used. But, with rising tech, these machine’s size are reduces that also cut down the expenses. If you have any problem or your known ones, then you can easily access this technology. 

It is predicted that the cost of medication can easily bearable with savings, or you can apply for guaranteed loans in the UK. Which method you will prefer is depend on you but do not stop yourself to leverage these technologies because of the money. 

Does This Technology Do Something Beyond Psychoanalysis? 

The question may seem corny to you, but the reality is something different. Many famous psychiatrists said that they could change their personality. 

For instance, 

A person who speaks less can be turned into the talkative person. Or, they can bring traits, like belligerence, craving, kindness and many more. Those who are suffering from loneliness or mental illness are receiving benefits from it. 

Still, many changes need to be introduced so that maximum number of people can access at affordable prices. 

These are the proofs that reflect how technology providing control of our genes and brain. No doubt, they are changing the way of living positively, but immense power comes with a huge responsibility. We hope that this technology brings more positivity and easily accessible by people. 

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