How to Successfully Pitch your Guest Blog post

Writing the first message for the first guest blog pitch may be nerve-racking for some. There might be so many doubts at this point. What if the pitch will be rejected? How long will you wait for a response?  What if the bloggers won’t respond at all?

Don’t despair; there are plenty of ways to ensure that you’ll get a positive response for your guest blog pitch. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can do to get your guest blog pitch noticed.

Participate and Research the Blog

Before you Pitch a Guest Blog post, you can do some research and try to learn about the people behind the blog. Allot some time to read their content and participate by commenting on the blog posts. You can also follow them on Twitter or their other social media profiles.

Successfully Pitch your Guest Blog post

If you find their contents useful and exciting,  you can share that with your audience. By participating, you get to connect with the bloggers and build a relationship with them. When you do send your guest blog pitch, they will most likely notice you because your name is already familiar to them and they can easily recognize you.

Reach Out and Introduce yourself

After participating and engaging with the numerous blog posts, you can start to introduce yourself to the blog owner. You can send a personal message and introduce yourself. In your letter, you can tell them how much you like their blog and their works. You can further deepen your relationship with them by sharing your thoughts about some of your favorite articles you’ve read on their site.

Write a Compelling Subject Line

For you email pitch message when it is time to send it, make sure to write an interesting, descriptive, and honest subject line. Be sincere in what you’re doing. Don’t try to trick the blog owner into opening your email because you have some claim or promise in you subject line.

Most likely, if it sounds too incredible, they won’t open it at all since it looks spammy. Don’t promise something in your pitch which you cannot deliver.

Get Personal with blog owner

After doing the steps above, maybe you and the blogger are a little more familiar with each other. Get to know the blogger’s name and use it in the message greetings and also in the body of the message.

Create a Strong Opening to Your Message

If you fail to have a strong and compelling opening to you email pitch message, you might lose the chance to get the blogger’s attention. In your introduction, write one to two sentences telling the blogger about yourself and explain the most interesting part of your pitch. Be concise in telling them this, don’t hesitate to give them your best shot.

 Pitch your Guest Blog post

Add Supporting Details in Your Message

In the two paragraphs that will follow, provide supporting information that further expounds your pitch. It is on this part that you can put in more detail than what you have provided in the opening sentences. You can put in this paragraph other extra information that proves to be vital, making it harder to ignore your pitch.

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Include Useful Information in your Email Pitch Message

Now that you have made your full pitch, you also have to include useful information that will allow the blogger to make it easier to work with you. You can include useful images, URLs, and other information that will make it so easy to work with you that it will be difficult to turn you away.

Demonstrate that You Know What You’re Doing

Tell the blogger upfront that the guest post you want to send will not be self-promotional and will not include links for SEO, nor will it be published anywhere else online.

Tell Them Something About You

Provide information that can allow the bloggers to get to know you more. Put a link to your blog, your bio, you Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles, and others. The point here is to give the blogger the chance to look at your profiles and blog and make a decision about you beyond your guest blog pitch. Use this to your advantage.

How to Successfully Pitch your Guest Blog post

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

By submitting a guest blog, you’re not doing the blogger any huge favors. If you think about it, they may be the ones doing you a favor if they get to publish your guest post, and not the other way around. When sending your pitch, don’t ever forget to include a genuine thank you at the end.

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If possible, look for the blogger’s name and personalize the message. Remember that many of the bloggers you pitch are already receiving lots of unsolicited pitches every day. Try your best to stand out by being unique and sincere.

Don’t Waste Their Time

It seems obvious enough, but if the website isn’t relevant to your industry, don’t send a guest blog pitch. However, if you do try to send one and they take the time to send you a rejection notice, remember to be respectful and gracious. Learn from the experience and don’t forget to thank them for their time.


When it comes to submitting guest blog posts, remember that success comes in creating relationships between you and the bloggers you’ve reached out to. Always offer something of value. Dont forget to be respectful and sincere. In all these things, what you will be getting are the relationships with bloggers and other writers.

You will also get to learn much from the experiences of guest posting and interacting with other people. The rejections will teach you to persevere and improve on your pitch next time. If guest posting is new to you, embrace the challenge and get out of your comfort zone. You will find that the things you will learn will be worth it.

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