How Management Failure Can Lead to Smarter Leadership

Nobody is perfect. This is a quote that has been used for decades. The reason why it is always used is that it holds true in any scenario and person. People make mistakes. Committing errors is what makes us human and not God. But, it seems like people act like it is wrong to go through failure before reaching success. We heavily penalize mistakes but lightly praise proper actions.

 In most companies, when an employee commits an error, the employee may suddenly lose his job. This creates an environment wherein committing a mistake is evil and frowned upon instead of using that experience to do better next time. Great leaders know that failure is always part of any journey in life whether personal or professional. So, how does management failure lead to smarter leadership? Here are some of the ways that failure leads to smarter leadership:

Failure makes you smarter

There is a study published in Scientific American which says that every time we make mistakes, our brain gets bigger during the learning process and returns to its original size. Even though it goes back to the same size, new neural pathways are created and retained after the learning process. Due to this fact, we react better the next time we make mistakes because of more efficient synapses and fundamentally altered neurons. 

How Management Failure Can  Lead to Smarter Leadership
This means that because of our failures in the past, we now know what to do when we reencounter the problem. Our brain can easily compare the current problem with the past. In relation to leadership, the mistakes that you made and will make will help you become a better leader because you will be able to handle future situations more efficiently and effectively. You can also talk with leadership coaches so that you can have a better output in leading your workers.

Gives confidence

Leaders should embrace the failure of their workers. Tell your workers that making mistakes is not entirely a bad thing. Their failures can be used as a learning experience for every person. This will then create an environment in your workplace that is positive. Your employees will have better growth because they will be more comfortable making their own decisions.

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On top of that, they will know that they can count on their leader to have their back when they need help. They will not be afraid to tell their managers that they committed a mistake. There will be transparency in your workplace. Every person, whatever position they have, will be acknowledged whenever they speak or call for help. Every person can trust each other because they are open with one another. Any task that the company needs to do can be done quickly because of an open line of communication with every employee.

Builds relationships

If a leader understands that the worker is having a hard time and tries to help, the worker will trust the leader. By building trust with every worker, all of you will have an excellent work relationship. You will respect that every person can make mistakes. Because of this, your employees will be able to openly come to you if they need any guidance or advice. Building relationships is essential in any aspect of life, more so in the business world. When people talk about you, your name gains authority in your field. Companies and employees will love to have you around them.

Everyone makes mistakes

Making a mistake is inevitable in life. Going through it without committing any wrongdoing is impossible. Leaders should learn from mistakes and teach their employees that these mistakes are just learning experiences and that they can do better next time. Do not judge people because of their mistakes, but judge them on their actions after their mistake.

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