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How Backlinks may hurt your SEO & How to create Inbound Links?

Backlinks are known to be the most important and useful element in the world of search engine optimization. Generally, when a particular webpage links to any other page it’s known to be a backlink. And it’s a fact a page which has a lot of backlinks will definitely have a higher ranking on most of the search engines including Google.

A few years back even the low-quality links were very effective in improving the ranking of the site. But after the introduction of the Penguin algorithm, the whole process of backlinking was changed. Nowadays only those websites are ranked who has quality backlinks and remember those backlinks should be relevant. 

Backlinks play a very crucial role in the success of any SEO campaign when it comes to organic ranking. In today’s time if you want to build effective backlinks then you should follow these strategies:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Link Reclamation
  • Original Research
  • Developing a good relationship with influencers

How to build Backlinks?

For your website, Backlinking should be the top priority. And building backlinks is a very easy task. Consider the following points to know:


Posting plays a very important role in making your backlink effective. Your content must always contain popular keywords that reflect your website, brand, and product. 


Most of you forget to implement this step. It will prove to be very beneficial if you start commenting on other articles that relate to your website and products. It will help your website increasing DA & PA. 


To know about the websites which are linking back to you, it’s important to track the backlinks of your website. It’s always recommended to make a spreadsheet and track all the data.

Now let’s find out how backlinks affect your SEO:

Building Good Relationships

Whenever anyone goes through good content and sees a backlink that is pointing to the source then there are chances that audiences might be enjoying your content. This will help you in building a good relationship with the audiences in various social media platforms. As a result, a simple link can connect your brand and consumers and increase the ranking of your website.

Driving Referral traffic

Most of the people think that usually website traffic originates from search engines like Google, Yahoo or other search engines. To some extent it’s true but generally, a large amount of traffic is achieved by the links that have quality content. Plus, these high-quality links will not just increase your traffic but also improve your website ranking. 

Brand exposure and Promotion

Whenever you post any content online then a large number of audiences will identify the visible link and go through your brand and particular services that you offer. Nowadays most of the people are preferring brand name anchor text for safe link building. So, if you want to have safe SEO campaigns then check spam SEO strategies that you should avoid. 

Brand authority

Good link building helps in promoting your brand. Plus it indicates authority in your field with the relevant content. The brand authority will help you in promoting the services and products of your brand as well as its strength. So, high-quality links on popular websites will benefit your SEO and help in attracting more customers for your brand.


Backlinks are considered as a great way for promoting your brand its products and services through social media. Don’t get disappointed if the pages you are trying to rank contains basic content, work hard and try to increase the ranking on search engines. With the help of promotion, your brand will get recognized by the audiences.

Nowadays many brands are making use of inbound links for promoting their brand and services. Inbound, links are those links which come directly from other sites to your website. 

According to SEO Expert Mandeep, if you are thinking how a good inbound link looks like then consider the following points to know:

  • A good inbound link always comes from an authoritative website
  • It always makes use of proper anchor text

Check the following points to know how to create Inbound Links:

Publish Content online

Technology has lessened half of your burden. Now you can very easily publish your content on several sites. The best part about these sites is that they offer free membership and opportunities for you to publish your content on their website. With the help of these sites, you can represent your brand in front of your audiences.

Design Infographics

Infographics are known to be visual content and nowadays it’s in great demand. And it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to create an infographic. There are many free tools available online for creating infographics. These infographics will surely help your site in increasing the number of audiences.

Post Guest blogs

If you are also making the mistake of posting short blogs then stop it right now and switch to guest blogging. Guest blogging is an amazing way of representing your brand in front of the audiences. This will help more people to link to your website and increase your demand in the industry.

Create informative content

Always make sure to create that content which provides relevant information regarding a particular topic or try to create educational content. Because many people want to learn and go through informative content. If the audiences appreciate your content than you can expect more people connecting with you.

So, try to remove all the spams and irrelevant backlinks from your website as they will hurt your SEO.  

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