GogoPDF: A Reliable Online Tool To Watermark PDF Files

In order to cope up with the demand of time, people abide by technological trends. The processes for work and businesses are made easy with quick access online. Even the slightest means of communicating becomes undeniably techy, and many converged in telling life stories and updates online through social media. 

These daily encounters we do online for work, business, and leisure will need plenty of documents and images in the form of PDF. We cannot deny the fact that these files will be subject to unauthorized access. Putting a watermark to it signifies a sense of originality and ownership. And we need a reliable online tool like GogoPDF to do the job efficiently.

Easy Online PDF Watermarking

The GogoPDF online tool assures a simple drag and drop procedure; the PDF file is selected and converted in no time. Then the watermarking of the PDF file will take its course, with a proper position at hand. You can watermark a file with an option using a text or an image from a device. The easy-breezy way indeed to add watermark to PDF online.

Talk about versatility, the completion of the watermarking process will initiate in a short time. Once the procedure is completed, the watermarked PDF file can now be emailed or saved directly through your device. For real-time updates of your online stories on Facebook or Instagram, you can directly share the watermarked file to that social media platform.

Operating System Compatibility And Cloud Storage

Keep your calm because the GogoPDF watermarking tool is compatible with all major operating systems available. It can work efficiently with Windows, Mac, and Linux. On top of that, it can also work well with most used browsers, including browser versions. It has seamless access too with different sites like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. 

There is no word to comprehend this online tool; it gives users heed to a no-hassle online watermarking. You can add a text or logo watermark without a need to install the software. It specifically ensures that a device’s memory or space is not consumed because all the processes are done on the Web and saved in the Cloud. 

Speed And Security

Make your watermarking effortless, and choose your watermark within the shortest possible time. For speed is one dominant character of this online tool. Once the user has identified the proper position for the watermark on the pages required, the process will take even the shortest of time in applying all these changes to the documents.

Trust and privacy are the central core values highly uphold by GogoPDF. The customer’s safety comes first. It enables them to equip the system of watermarking with a feature that can utilize the need to secure any files, documents, and images uploaded to the server. Once the uploading process is completed, it will automatically delete after one hour.

Online Personalized Watermarking

GogoPDF encourages its users to get creative as feasible. This online watermarking tool allows users to make a personalized approach to the type of text or images they want to use to process the PDF files’ watermark. If they opt to use text, there are choices to use different fonts, colors, and sizes.


The online trend is putting its niche in society. It has allowed people to get quick access to the demand of work presentation, business documentation, and including milestones of life through social media. It will entail different types of PDF files.  A reliable and helpful tool like GogoPDF will indeed ensure security online of ownership and privacy through watermarking.

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