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How to Get Real Followers on Instagram instead of Getting It from Bots

Get Real Followers on Instagram instead of Getting It from Bots

We know that there are many apps available in the market that provide you free Instagram followers with the use of bots but those kinds of followers will always harm your account because they are not legal. In this article, you will get to know about how to get real Instagram followers for free rather than bot IG followers.

What if you don’t want to get bot Instagram followers? This article will tell you how to do it with relevant information on what is bot Instagram followers and its effects on your Instagram account. 

What are Instagram Bot Followers?

Instagram bot followers are those followers on Instagram that are not real users they are just a kind of machine. In most cases, these bot followers have no links, no stories, no posts, no profile photo, no engagement, and even no names.  They all are machine-generated, and posts from will look like not from real users.

How to Get Real Followers on Instagram Rather Than Bots?

There are several Instagram followers websites, services apps dedicate to helping people get free Instagram followers for their profiles. But sometimes you may get Instagram free followers by using bots rather than the organic users. They will act like that will make your followers base looks like growing much more, but the truth is these followers are just harming your Instagram account. That’s the reason why people are always searching for ways to get organic followers on Instagram from real users rather than from bots.

When we comparing the best apps to buy and get real and organic Instagram followers. Getting real followers on Instagram for a free best organic way to get free Instagram followers from the best Instagram followers’ apps such as GetInsa and most people looking forward. Here is an efficient and easy way to make it possible to get legit and organic Instagram followers for free by using GetInsta.

GetInsta is Instagram followers tool that boosts the followers and likes on Instagram that offering 100% legit, organic and real followers but also provides organic likes to users in its system. 

GetInsta is a free Instagram follower app that builds a real community gathering millions of real Instagram users. On its security system, users exchange follow and like to promote each account.

Risks of Getting Bot Instagram Followers

We know that the Instagram bot followers are the fastest way to boost your Instagram account follower base looks great. But you know it gives a negative effect on your account and you cannot deny that these kinds of methods will always come with the worry of getting blocked by Instagram deep inside. Have look at the high potential risks of bot Instagram followers.

Potential Risks of Bot Followers

  • Bot followers will be violating the terms of use of Instagram which may lead to being blocked your Instagram account temporarily for a week or more and even you will get a permanent banned from Instagram also. 
  • Users will receive spam messages in their private message box. 
  • Facing the risk of getting hacked, stealing of password and virus from them. 
  • Losing positive opportunities for the cooperation of business due to the bot Instagram followers because they are fake. 
  • Your organic followers will start unfollowing you because of the fake bot followers. 
  • There is a more unknown risk also. 

So, in this case, we will never recommend getting the free Instagram followers by using bots, even if they are free Instagram bot followers.

Final Words

Getting Instagram bot followers free to use but it may harm your profile and account of Instagram. So, it is recommended to grow followers in the legit and real method by making more effort on your account, posts and content. If you do want to get 50 free Instagram followers instantly and quickly, then you’re suggested to get GetInsta.

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