Optimizing the Instagram Profile: Tips to Follow for Getting More Instagram Followers

Since the introduction of Instagram in 2010, there has been an exponential growth in the number of users. Who has joined this platform and this is not going to slow down even in this new decade. What you have to understand is that there is more than one reason why Instagram has been growing at this pace. Instagram used to be a visual platform, which was highly targeted by marketers for showcasing their products and services. Currently, both big and small brands have started relying on Instagram. Because users are going to engage with them in a much better manner in comparison to other social media platforms. According to https://www.entrepreneur.com, almost every person is turning to Instagram now. 

The first and most important thing that you need to understand is that Instagram currently works as a search engine. And you have to work hard to make sure that you are being discovered by your potential customers and fans. To unleash the potential of Instagram, you have to make sure that you are optimizing the profile for SEO in the best possible manner. Given below is a list of the tips that you should be following. 

Go for a business account

More than 25 million businesses are constantly using Instagram and all of them have opted for the Instagram business accounts. This has helped the businesses to access promotional and analytics tools. Apart from that, when any user is searching for the kind of services or products that you are offering and they come across your profile. They are going to find it more credible when they see that the profile is a business account. On the other hand, if they visit your profile and find out that it is a normal user profile, they are going to lose interest. Therefore, it can be stated that a business account can help in boosting the credibility of your brand. 

Use a tracking link

You already know that Instagram has allowed the inclusion of only one URL in the entire platform. Make sure that you are using an ideal tracking link so that you can redirect your potential and present customers directly to your website. Make sure that you are tracking the number of customers and visitors who are visiting your website from Instagram. 

Craft your Instagram bio interestingly

Your Instagram bio is the one place where you can introduce your business or humanize your brand. However, when you are doing this, it is always suggested that you include the researched keywords within the Instagram bio. This will make sure that your potential and present customers are coming across your Instagram profile whenever they are searching for similar kinds of terms on Instagram. 

Not only that, but your Instagram bio is also going to be responsible for the creation of the first impression. Therefore, if you think that only stuffing keywords is going to help you, you are wrong. You need to ensure that the bio is unique and creative so that when people land on your Instagram profile. They get an immediate idea of who you are and what are your specialties. Impressing potential customers with the Instagram bio and including only the necessary keywords can be a great way to optimizing your Instagram account. You can also buy 50 Instagram likes from any reputed website. 

Update the Instagram profile picture

This is also one of the most important aspects that can build your strategies for Instagram SEO. Using only the right keywords and hashtags might not be enough. This is because when customers come across your profile with the help of the hashtags or keywords and discover that you have a gloomy and unattractive profile picture, they will find it difficult to trust you. To make sure that you are keeping the SEO game on point, it is your responsibility to take care that you are using only a crisp profile picture, so that your potential customers stay hooked to your brand. Therefore, it can be said that your Instagram bio is not capable of making all the difference; it is your Instagram profile picture as well.

Using hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to make sure that your Instagram profile can be discovered along with the services and products that you are offering. Make sure that you are using selected keywords and turning them into hashtags. Try to include the hashtags in the captions or the first comment of the posts that you are uploading. Hashtags will drive people to your profile when they are looking for similar kinds of hashtags. As long as you are working on making your Instagram profile credible, you can even observe conversions. 


If you are hoping to open a profile on Instagram and decide that people are going to discover you, you are wrong. You have to make sure that you are optimizing your Instagram profile for SEO first as that is extremely important. Make sure that you are considering all the tips that have been mentioned above to stay ahead in the game of Instagram SEO. 

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