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6 Extraordinary Mobile Apps You Probably Never Heard Of

5 Extraordinary Mobile Apps You Probably Never Heard Of

Mobile applications are forecasted to have the most impact on the success of any business endeavor this year and in the years to come. A user app touchpoints grow in frequency, change in modalities and the device type expansion, the future of mobile app development is multi-experience. We now live in a world where little devices in our pockets could call taxis for us, find dates, control TV’s and could even deliver groceries.

The world is in a crazy yet wonderful times. The demand for mobile devices continues to escalate, and thus mobile app development services scramble to cater to the varying needs of consumers. Be it Android app development or iOS app development, the mobile world has provided a very broad opportunity for developers, businesses and consumers.

Why Invest in Mobile Apps

There is no shortage of reasons to invest in mobile applications. For business organizations however, it is a critical tool offering access into a reconstructed market place. New technologies have changed the interaction of customers with brands.

Customers these days expect a more enjoyable and personalized customer experience from companies. That’s why startups are keen on integrating mobile applications. Mobile app development is a great business to be in right now.

The Surge in Mobile Apps

There is evident growth in all application categories. It’s clear that mobile applications are turning into big distribution channels, instead of remaining as independent marketing communication tools. The frequency, the reach, and the retention rate of mobile apps are fascinating. Obviously, the use of mobile applications dominates the overall time spent on everyday media consumption.

Two major factors drove to the gigantic growth of mobile applications. First, users love the convenience of downloading the apps and use on their mobiles. Second, users almost all the time carry their phones with them wherever they go. These two factors lead to the expansion of mobile apps in ways that developers of desktop applications could not envision.

Nowadays, you can never have too many apps, particularly when the apps on your smartphone keep you entertained and are super-duper cool. All the more better if they have useful functionalities. Now, you get to know the five amazing and coolest apps you probably never heard of before.

5 Amazing Apps you never know Existed

1. Rando. 

Rando messenger Mobile app

It’s a fun application that does not really do anything great for you or give you any special ability. However, it provides you an interesting and fun way of connecting with people wherever they may be in the world. The app considers itself as a photo roulette. It works by you sending a GIF, photo or quote and delivered to a person randomly in another country.

You could categorize your message before sending it, based on whether it’s inspirational, romantic or funny. Within minutes, you receive a random GIF, quote or picture back from someone somewhere in the world. It’s entertaining when you have extra time in your hands, particularly in this quarantined world we are in now due to the pandemic.

2. Skiplagged. 

SkipLagged Mobile app

There are a lot of travel apps available that allow you to plan your itinerary, find a hotel, book flights and more. Skiplagged however is different and equally awesome. It searches a less-known area of bookings, which is called as the ‘Hidden City’ flights.

There are essentially flights that you could book more affordably than normal since they happen as layovers to other places. The process may be a bit complicated, but Skiplagged meticulously sifts through all the combinations possible to get you the cheapest possible flights. There are no gimmicks with this app.

3. Tunity. 

Tunity Mobile app

It’s indeed a work of art. It basically lets your phone server as a temporary tuner for any TV. Consider being at a bar watching a game, and everybody is obnoxious and loud when you want to hear a commentary. Open the app, point it at the television and use a scanned image to trace the program and directly stream the audio into your phone. The app allows you to be both social and antisocial at the same time.

4. Wolfram Alpha. 

WolframAlpha Mobile app

You probably have asked a question to Siri regarding some random statistic or fact and since she doesn’t know about it, she deflects the question by offering to Google it. Wolfram Alpha most likely have the answer to your queries. The application crawls hundreds of thousands of domains and utilizes the complex algorithm to answer questions, compute data and compile in-depth reports as well, for you within seconds!

5. SleepBot. 

Sleepbot Mobile app

You probably are not getting quality sleep, whether you know it or not. The app is a sleep cycle tracker as well as a smart alarm that makes use of a soundtracking software and motion to provide in-depth sleep cycle analysis, such as sleep debt, the average time of sleep, long term trends and so forth. Furthermore, it compiles detailed reports to help you get the sleep and rest you need.

6. Photomyne


You’ve probably wondered what to do with all of those old photos in albums or boxes lying around the house. Fortunately, Photomyne makes scanning them into digitally accessible albums simple. Unlike taking a photo of a paper photo with your phone’s camera, Photomyne does the hard part for you auto-cropping and auto-enhancing images too. You can also add detailed descriptions of the photo’s origins and even colorize black and white photos for a fresh take on familiar shots.

A peak at the Future of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps still are hugely popular and would continue to be so in the foreseeable future. The tech though is changing, with applications that have a single codebase, which could virtually run on all popular operating systems and brands, replacing native mobile applications.

With just one codebase, mobile applications are much more affordable and easier to develop. All it takes is a wrapper of sorts, which translates the source code of an app into the language of the phone’s model, brand and operating system to run it on.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps no doubt would be around for years and years to come. Yes, technologies could change due to the evolving needs and trends, but people still need apps to connect with one another, to pay bills and shop. Consumers would continue to have an overwhelming range of applications to choose from in every major category. For developers, there would be a lot of opportunities ahead to build and publish new and cool applications.

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