3 Strategies For Promoting Mobile Applications

The dream of developers to create a gold vein in the form of a well-selling application or popular game has taken shape of reality after a success story with the games Flappy Bird and 2048. Projects have sold millions of installations around the world, and their clones continue their victorious march through mobile users even after removing their original versions from the storage.

Despite the fascinating indicators of high profitability, novice developers are afraid that their idea will be among the 80% of lack of demand, and all the work will be wasted. To consider all the risks in advance, to predetermine the popularity of the game or the utility of the application is impossible. However, it is quite possible to plan the advancement of your product even before the stage of realization of the idea.
 Strategies For Promoting Mobile Applications

To start the promotion of the application is necessary from the very first day of its appearance in the store in order not to fall into the same unlucky 80%. In addition, it’s not about luck, but about a cold calculation. Depending on the goals, the strategy for promoting mobile applications can be divided into three groups: passive, moderate and aggressive promotion.

1. Passive promotion. 

This type of promotion is relevant in the event that the promoted applications are designed for a narrow audience or not suitable for everyone. For example, as an application for access to a personal account of bank customers, an activity monitoring service or an electronic wallet. The goal of promotion here is to build long-term and reliable relations with the target audience. Ideally – the creation of a small community of fans. 
The tasks of promotion in this case will be support of activity inside the application (access to the account, tracking activity, etc.) and the product performance analyst. As for the channels of promotion, for passive strategy advertising in mobile media networks, contextual advertising on the mobile Internet and advertising in social networks are widely used. Motivated installations and the PR promotion channel are not used here at all. Typically, an advertising campaign of this type of services lasts about a month. At a relatively low price for such advancement, the CPU (cost per user) is significantly higher than in other strategies.

2. Moderate advancement. 

This strategy is widely used by the owners of specialized applications, such as services for finding air tickets, social networking applications, mobile games, etc. For such products, the leading positions in thematic categories of storages are of great importance. Otherwise, tight competition in the mobile applications market will not allow the products with low rating positions to reach their target audience.

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The promotion should be aimed at analyzing and forming the audience’s core, calculating APRU (average revenue per user, calculated per month) and attracting organic traffic. In addition to the above channels, inherent to passive promotion, moderate strategy uses motivated installations and, to some extent, PR promotion tools, such as publications in large communities and in thematic public information about the application and application reviews. Progress lasts from 2 to 3 weeks while maintaining the average CPU.

3. Aggressive promotion. 

Large developers and publishers of mobile software and games use the fastest strategy of outputting to TOP sites in all categories. Sometimes, applications with low ARPU and news media resort to this strategy. With the use of all possible channels of promotion, a wide audience of mobile Internet will learn about the product and not leave it without attention. 
A distinctive feature and the main benefit of this type of promotion is a large amount of organic traffic and, as a consequence, a low CPU. As for time, aggressive promotion of applications in rare cases last more than 2 weeks.

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