Egypt Travel Guide: 5 Tips To Avoid Problems

1. Research the culture and general laws of the country

Before traveling, it is crucial for knowledgeable individuals to seek to inform themselves in a neutral manner about a particular destination.

When planning a trip to Egypt, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the country’s culture and laws. This is an essential tip that holds immense value, whether you seek information online or offline.

Egypt, for the most part, is an Islamic state with a prevailing Islamic culture. It’s important to note that if you’re coming from a different country, you might experience culture shock when you visit Egypt. The country has a reputation for being vibrant, sweltering, chaotic, and heavily congested, with pedestrians filling the streets.

Visiting Egypt may not be suitable for everyone. In Egypt, you can expect to encounter constant solicitation from people trying to sell their products or services, such as when you are flagging down a taxi or seeking a guide. It is essential to conduct thorough research before your trip to Egypt in order to avoid any unnecessary harassment or unwanted attention. It is wise to adhere to the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” to ensure a smoother travel experience.

2. Avoid including attire that may be culturally insensitive or offensive

When preparing for your trips to different countries, including Egypt it’s important to keep in mind that this advice is not specific to Egypt alone. While Egypt is generally hot throughout the year, it’s essential to be mindful of the country’s Islamic culture and avoid packing clothing that may be considered revealing.

Consequently, it is strongly advised against wearing shorts, miniskirts, strappy tops, or any other revealing attire. Doing so may attract unwanted attention and can be interpreted as disrespectful towards the local culture.

Nonetheless, it is not obligatory for you to don a burqa. Simply ensure that you pack loose, lightweight attire that adheres to conservative norms, covering your knees, shoulders, and chest. It is advisable to show respect for different cultures and individuals, just as you would expect to be respected.

3. Prioritize booking your Nile cruise

If you intend to experience a Nile cruise during your visit to Egypt, it is advisable to prioritize planning for it before exploring other destinations within the country. Keep in mind that Nile cruises operate on specific days of the week and cannot be booked on the spot. Instead, it is essential to make advance reservations for this particular activity.

Presently, there are no voyages originating from Cairo; they operate from Luxor to Aswan and return. These voyages typically span over a duration of 4 days and 3 nights, commencing from Luxor and concluding at Aswan. Certain voyages depart exclusively on Mondays or Wednesdays, while others are exclusively available on Fridays. Hence, to avoid any potential disappointments, it is advisable to thoroughly review the scheduled voyage days, capacity, travel duration, and any other pertinent details prior to making any further arrangements. For more info, check out the all inclusive Nile Cruise and Stay 2024.

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4. Certain tourist destinations in Egypt do not necessitate the presence of a tour guide

While visiting Egypt, it is not necessary to have a tour guide, but it can greatly enhance your travel experience. You have the option to navigate on your own by paying at the kiosks. However, having a tour guide can be beneficial in avoiding potential harassment.

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