EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Better & reliable recovery tool

It is a free data recovery software and among the very best available. This software has been updated to 12.8 version and has been provided with some interesting improvements in functionality and features. Data files that are deleted accidentally can be recovered with data recovery tools. Data can be lost due to several reasons like virus attack, unrecognized format, permanent file deletion, accidental deletion, damaged/corrupted files, inaccessible partitions, error messages, unexpected system shutdown, etc. This recovery wizard allows the user to gain easy access to folders and files.


The free edition can be termed to be an amazing file recovery software that can provide assistance whenever there is faced data loss or corruption. It can be used with MacOS and Windows. Deleted data is recovered in an instant, however, will depend upon data size. It also recovers data much faster from different storage devices. The only limitation is the ability to recover just about 500MB data. Unlimited support, grade, and data are allowed by paid version. Sharing Google+, Twitter Facebook software with friends can help unlock extra 1.5GB data. Downloading and using it is easy, quick and better.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Better & reliable recovery tool

EaseUS has successfully ensured that the recovered files retain its original name.

Highlights & Features 

RAW Hard-Drive Recovery: It stands for no file system present on the hard drive, due to virus attack, improper operation or system error. This problem can be solved by formatting. But it will result in losing all data from the hard drive. It is very much possible to retrieve data back using Raw drive recovery software.

  • Deleted File Recovery: 
  • Without backup, all ‘Shift+Deleted’ files recovered
  • All accidentally deleted files recovered.
  • Emptied recycle bin files recovered

Partition recovery: 

This amazing recovery software allows recovering all types of data from damaged partitions, hidden partition, formatted partition and deleted the partition.

Data may be misplaced due to re-partition causing partition loss, improper clone, boot manager, disk accident, system restore, etc.


  • Can recover data from a variety of devices and data formats
  • Very fast, easy to understand and use
  • In-depth scanning allowed to scan every file


Up to 500MB supported by free version, which can be expanded to another 1.5GB by sharing this software with others.

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Being adequately prepared will help data to be in good condition and will not be lost at any point of time. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard undoubtedly is the very best software to recover lost data. It is both user-friendly and a powerful tool. Those who are not aware as to how to retrieve their lost or misplaced crucial data can rely upon this handy tool. It also allows users to narrow down the search type to all files, videos, documents, music or pictures. Moreover, search location can be set to any location on the computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents, removable media only or on any specific location as desired. Besides helping to rebuild master boot record, it will not mess with the petitions present.

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