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Difference Between Laser Engraving And Etching

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is the method of engraving an object with laser beams to change the surface of the object. The objective of such a method is to create images or write font. The laser machine, in this case, will emit high power beams and vaporizes the surface creating a vacuum where the image outline will be.

Such kinds of engravings can be used to carve out any surface such as glass, plastics, wood, and metal surfaces with ease and precision, creating clean-cut images or font outlines. It also has its use in many different industrial domains such as medical devices, Jewellery designing, and fine arts, etc. The best part about using Laser engraving is its capability to keep the original item’s surface as close as the original piece and thus can be used to carve out delicate and intricate items as well.

Laser Etching 

The laser etching process involves high power beams too. But instead of vaporizing the surface, it melts the surface. While melting the surface, it creates a welt surrounding the image or font which can be touched, seen, and felt. It is usually used to engrave the metal surfaces and works of the principles of reflectivity and refractivity. The best part about this kind of machine is the capability to laser down only 0.001 ” inch from the surface, which guarantees zero damage to the surface, making clean, precise cuts. It is because of its precision that it is earned its place in heavy-cutting industries.

Let’s understand next which industries do indeed seek the needs of such machines:

Lasers are one of the trendiest innovations of mankind. Laser beams with its high intensity have made man’s work easier and accurate by several notches creating a dire need in the modern industries. Some of the industries where such machines find its use is

  • Industries 
  • Medical field
  • Automotive
  • Fine arts 
  • Military and defense
  • Gas 

Now, let’s take a look at the features of a good laser engraver, which also acts as an advantage for your laser engraver.

  • It should have a good and fast scanner in place so that it can quickly copy the area where the engraving needs to be done.
  • It should also feature the facility of multidimensional processing of characters, words, images, etc.
  • It’s should also be able to carve out delicate surfaces like teapots, crystals, etc.

But on the downside, it shouldn’t have a negative point of ignition as it might act against its precision. 

Some of the features of a good laser etcher are:

  • High accuracy and precision
  • Creates clean cuts and edges are often smoother
  • Can be worked even on a section of narrowed surfaces
  • The affected zone is usually very small and minutes keeping the surface devoid of any damages

Major Differences Between Laser Engraving And Laser Etching Are The Following:

Surface Effects

In the case of laser engraving, it makes a cone-shaped depression on the surface, but in case of laser etching the surface area is melted to create a hollow with a technique called discoloration

Depth Of The Cut

In the case of laser engraving, the carved our surface is quite deep as compared to laser etching with varying degrees of depth depending on the base. However, in the case of laser etching, the carvings are shallow no matter what the surface material is

Laser Beam Intensity And Carvings

The surfaces that are exposed to high wear and tear use laser engravings as the carvings are deep and hence durable, whereas, in the case of laser etching, continuous use might omit the markings as the carvings are shallow.

Flexibility And Versatility

Laser engravers can be used for any kind of surfaces like metals, wood, plastic, crystal, etc. and it can carve on it without damaging the surface at all, but laser etching is designed to manipulate reflectivity and intensify the contrast, and thus, it does change the surface of the base.

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