Different Industries That Use Fume Extraction Machines

Every career path involves some danger. In some industries, illness and injury are legitimate daily concerns. That’s why there are many different industries that use fume extraction machines to eliminate chemical exposure and protect consumers. Read on to learn more about the implementation of source capture in various fields.

Metal Fabrication

The most common application of fume extraction machines is within the metal fabrication industry—specifically welding. When you introduce heat to certain metals, they can produce toxins, making welding work environments dangerous to your physical well-being. Many of these fumes, including nickel, aluminum, magnesium, and chromium, are known carcinogens. With overexposure, they can cause life-long ailments.

To remedy these issues, welding workshops utilize three different forms of ventilation: natural, machine, and local. Local ventilation, or source capture, refers to fume extraction machines that filter and eliminate toxins close to a workstation. These fume extractors are necessary for welding in larger operations and workshops with poor ventilation.


Extraction machines find use throughout the healthcare industry in a plethora of applications. Mainly, pharmaceutical laboratories use these devices during pill production. The process of making medication involves exposure to chemicals that may interact with the body. Source capture protects the well-being of everyone involved with the production.

Some extraction devices, specifically extension arms, are used in operating rooms. Dentists employ source capture during dental surgery to eliminate “surgical smoke.” This byproduct is also a known carcinogen. Additionally, extractors help eliminate blood microparticles and spit from the air supply.

Food Production

Food production is one of the highest regulated processes, especially in America. The Food and Drug Administration demands sanitary production methods and processing plants to ensure no one gets sick from their food. As such, many plants use extraction devices. This helps eliminate cross-contamination between different food products and limits chemical exposure.

Understanding the many different industries that use fume extraction machines is beneficial for all businesses. Whether you work within one of these sectors or not, keeping employees and customers safe is of the utmost importance. Consider if your specific job demands local ventilation to protect everyone better.

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