How Do You Laser Engrave a Cup?

Have you ever come across cups with cute attractive designs and wondered how the artisans did it? The answer is laser engraving. For example, Yeti mugs, mostly used for picnicking and hiking, are known to have particularly cool designs. As a result, out of all the drinkware, they are the favourites to many. 

Laser Engraving for Cups 

Laser engraving is the most ideal for cups since it comes with other advantages.  If you want to use laser technology to engrave a cup, but you don’t have any prior experience, the process is not complicated. Laser engraving machines function in the same way as a printer does in a computer

However, you must understand the parameters to be varied before embarking on the operation.

Before you initiate the entire process, it is also vital that you ensure all the parameters and settings that you will need are debugged and saved in the laser’s engraving software. It will ensure that the process becomes easy upon starting.

However, you can still decide to operate using your designs, especially If the supplier informed you how to go on about the process. 

Engraving Yeti Cups

In today’s world, Yeti cups have become so popular, especially in Canada and the United States. Their popularity is exceptionally high during the festive seasons. 

The good thing about these cups is that they are made from stainless steel, and they also have a double insulation wall which makes them resistant to rust and puncture. Because of their insulation, they are also able to keep hot drinks hot for an extended period and cold drinks cold. It makes them immensely convenient for outdoor convenience. 

Since Yeti cups are made from stainless, it is thus possible to customize different patterns on them such as names, images, and logos. 

How to use Fiber Laser Technology to Engrave Metal Cups?

Fibre laser technology is the most ideal for engraving all types of metal, and this includes metal cups. This technology is highly efficient when acting on stainless, and since most metal cups are made from this material, the process becomes easy. 

Rotary axes can be added to the fibre lasers to ensure that the marking is of high-quality. Besides, the marking must be done by a laser that has a high power output and immense engraving speed going up to 9, 000 mm/sec. 

As much as the power involved is high, as an artisan, you should be able to regulate the depths of engraving and marking. Failure to do so, in most cases, may result in you puncturing the cups.

Fibre laser technology is here to stay since the machines have a long lifespan. Manufacturers of this technology are giving a guarantee that the devices can work for approximately 100, 000 hours. The other advantage is that they cool by using ordinary air. Therefore, the maintenance costs are low.

Using fibre laser technology, you can engrave as many cups as you want. The images generated through fibre laser technology on metal cups and steel mugs are vivid, clean, and accurate, making them ideal to many.

Before choosing the type of technology to use when engraving your cups, you should; 

  • Choose the right supplier, this site supplier is a good choice.
  • Inform your supplier on the kind of cups you intend to engrave. For example; what is the size of your cups? Material? The main reason for doing this is to allow them to gauge the right options to use in terms of patterns, speed, and engraving depth. As a result, they will be in a position to advise you accordingly.  
  • Tell them the number of cups you intend to engrave in each session. 
  • It will help them to know the right machine that will help you in achieving your objective. 
  • Compare the prices and the features of the options that are available to you before making any purchase. It will help you ascertain whether you will have a positive return on investment. 
  • Assess the shipping and payment methods being offered by your supplier. 

The Process of Engraving Mugs

To make great designs on cups, you should start by having the following;

  • Your travel or Yeti mugs
  • A metal marking spray
  • An organic cleaning solvent preferably denatured alcohol
  • Protective equipment, such as gloves and masks
  • Towel or cloth


  1. Clean the cups thoroughly using  alcohol to remove any dirt or scratches that may affect the laser mark quality
  2. Apply the marking spray on the cup
  3. Let the cups dry for around half an hour
  4. Upload the design into your computer
  5. Get the cup to the rotary axis and start marking
  6. Once the printer completes marking, remove the cup and rinse it


Laser technology is an ideal method for engraving metal cups. However, you need to know how to create high-quality designs and how to choose the most efficient fibre laser engraver for your needs. 

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