Cost-Effective Alternatives to PhoneBurner in 2024

In the realm of outbound call centers, auto-dialers have become indispensable for businesses seeking efficient and rapid customer outreach. One prominent player in this domain is PhoneBurner, a robust auto-dialer and sales acceleration tool renowned for its powerful features, including the dynamic power dialer and workflow automation.

While PhoneBurner is a popular choice, its starting price of $127 per user/month may not be suitable for every business. Additionally, some users have faced challenges integrating the software with their preferred third-party applications. Fortunately, a range of more budget-friendly alternatives with comparable features is available.

In this article, we’ll explore six top alternatives to PhoneBurner in 2024.

Top PhoneBurner Alternatives:

1. Flashinfo:

Flashinfo‘s Parallel Dialer competes with PhoneBurner by offering robust features that enhance sales outreach. Notably, FlashInfo stands out with its ability to simultaneously dial multiple numbers, ensuring a higher rate of connections. The integration with multi-channel sequencing makes it a comprehensive solution for modern sales teams. The choice between the two ultimately depends on factors such as team size, outreach volume, and desired integrations.

Flashinfo Ratings:

Flashinfo boasts a 4.3 out of 5 rating, with above-average scores for ease of setup. Key features include mobile SMS, session recording, and inbound screen pop.

2. JustCall:

JustCall is a powerful cloud-based phone system designed for remote sales and customer support. Packed with features such as auto-dialer, native integration, SMS workflow, VoIP, call tracking, and intelligent analytics, JustCall emerges as a compelling alternative to PhoneBurner. Its monthly pricing starts at $19/user (billed annually), making it a more economical option.

JustCall Price:

Subscription-based, JustCall offers monthly pricing starting at $19/user (billed annually).

3. NICE CXone:

NICE CXone, a SaaS-based contact center software, stands out with its multi-channel capabilities, including email, voice calls, live chat, and social media. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, NICE CXone offers CRM integrations, predictive dialers, automation, and artificial intelligence.

NICE CXone Price:

Quotes for NICE CXone are available on request, with an estimated starting price of $100 per month.

4. SalesLoft:

SalesLoft is a leading sales engagement platform equipped with practical tools and integrations for efficient digital selling. With features like pipeline management, call tracking, transcription, and live agent coaching, SalesLoft helps close deals faster.

SalesLoft Price:

SalesLoft pricing varies between $75 to $125 per month per user, with quotes available on request.

5. TalkDesk:

TalkDesk, an AI-based cloud contact center, provides a holistic customer experience with solutions like Talkdesk CX Cloud and Talkdesk Phone. Its features include predictive dialer, concurrent calling, auto-dialer, IVR, and performance analysis.

Talkdesk Price:

Talkdesk pricing starts at $75 per month per user.

6. Dialpad AI Voice:

Dialpad, built on the Google Cloud Platform, offers an intelligent business phone system with features like live coaching and sentiment analysis. Dialpad assists agents in closing deals faster by focusing on customer experience.

Dialpad Price:

Dialpad pricing starts at $15 per month per user for standard plans and $25 per month for premium plans.

7. Genesys Cloud CX:

Genesys Cloud CX is an industry-leading cloud call center and customer experience platform, offering a suite of digital capabilities for customer engagement across various channels.

Genesys Cloud CX Price:

Genesys’ monthly pricing begins at $75 per user and goes up to $150 per user.

Final Words:

While PhoneBurner remains a popular choice, businesses can explore these alternatives, offering similar functionalities at more reasonable prices. The right software choice depends on individual business needs and feature requirements, with JustCall emerging as an ideal all-in-one customer service platform.

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