8 Business Tasks You Can Accomplish Using a Mobile Device

You can grow your business even when you’re away from the computer. A mobile device lets you knock out business tasks from anywhere. 

Addressing tasks with your smartphone leaves you with less work when you return. You can get some work done at the grocery store, before a concert, or while waiting for someone. 

We provided a list of business tasks you can perform with your mobile device.

#1: Respond to Emails

Spending too much time in the inbox takes you away from work. You end up addressing other people’s to-do lists instead of yours. 

You need to respond to emails, but you should not respond to emails during your most productive hours. 

You can trim down your inbox with your mobile device. Responding to emails on the go leaves you with fewer emails when you return. You can install an email app and reply to your messages.

#2: Write Content on Your Mobile Device

Producing content puts you in front of your audience. Your content can rank well on algorithms and boost visibility.

Many businesses prioritize content creation. The next time you find yourself on the go, write some content on your cell phone.

You can open up your favorite Notes app and type away. Even if you only write 100 words, that’s 100 words you don’t have to type on your desktop. 

Many of these apps sync with your computer. You can start on your smart phone and wrap up the piece on your laptop.

#3: Post on Social Media

Social media posting increases engagement and sales. Your audience gets familiar with your presence.

Some may actively seek out your social media content.

Spending too much time on social media can hurt your business. You might forget about product launches and get distracted.

Using your smart phone to create social media content addresses this issue. You can create captions and find pictures in your photos. You can also create images using an app like Canva.

#4: Scan Documents

Scanning documents help with organization and storage. You can access paperwork at any moment. On the other hand, physical paperwork can get lost or damaged.

The Notes app lets you scan documents to your phone. You can categorize these documents after scanning them.

Scanning documents on your phone saves considerable time. You no longer need a bulky scanner to get the job done.

Learn more about scanning documents on your phone at https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-scan-a-document-with-iphone-or-ipad

#5: Brainstorm Business Ideas

Brainstorming business ideas opens up new possibilities. You can increase productivity or create new business segments. Every incredible project started as an idea.

Every business owner should write ten ideas per day. This daily practice will produce 3,650 ideas every year. 

You won’t implement all of these ideas. However, that’s not a bad thing. You can distinguish the best ideas from mediocre ones and act accordingly.

Wondering how you’ll jot down these ideas? A cell phone cal help. While on the go, write down any ideas that come to mind.

Too often, people think of ideas during inopportune moments. A smart phone lets you quickly type ideas so you remember them.

#6: Connect with People on LinkedIn

You can follow people on social media through your smart phone. Finding great people to connect with will expand your network. 

You can also message your current connections. Interactions build relationships. It’s better to have 1,000 connections who know you well than 10,000 connections who barely know you.

You can use this approach for any social network. However, LinkedIn takes the cake for its “Find Nearby” feature. This mobile feature lets you find nearby users.

This feature works particularly well at business conferences. Let’s say you finished a fantastic conversation with an attendee. You didn’t receive a business card, but you want to connect with that person.

“Find Nearby” will show you that person’s LinkedIn profile. You can connect with attendees at the event and immediately follow up. People more readily accept this behavior on LinkedIn than on platforms like Facebook.

#7: Clean Up Your Mobile Device

We know the benefits of cleaning your desk or bedroom. Clutter distracts the mind. When we get rid of clutter, we become more organized and productive. 

Your smart phone works the same way. If you let clutter build, you will become less productive. You’ll have more choices which also means more distractions.

Your mobile device will get cluttered with apps over the years. You’ll install some apps only and stop using them after a few weeks. These apps take up mental space.

You can purge your smart phone apps and only keep the ones you need. You can also delete time-consuming apps from your mobile device. 

Deleting social media apps on your phone will save considerable time. Only keep a social media app if you use it for business. 

Using a social media app for entertainment will hurt your productivity. Deleting apps prevents you from falling into the rabbit hole.

#8: Do Some Research

Want to learn how to play a musical instrument? Your mobile device gives you access to billions of articles. You can research on your smart phone to find the answers.

You can research personal interests and business opportunities. You can use research to test the validity of your ideas. You can look for a proof of concept for new ventures.

You can discover the requirements for moving forward and find business partners. You can also analyze competitors and see what they’re doing to grow their businesses. This competitor analysis will reveal new opportunities.

Research is an integral part of any enterprise. You can research on your cell phone.

Accomplish Business Tasks on Your Mobile Device

Your mobile device is a supercomputer in your pocket. You can grow your business while on the go.

Working on your mobile device complements the work you do on your laptop. When you combine both, your productivity will significantly increase.

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