6 Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

As spring has started, you must plan your spring cleaning at the earliest. It is ideal to do the cleaning process in detail. But the question that arises here is how you will do that. Well, this blog has your answer because it has six good tips to help you clean and declutter your home the right way this spring.

1. Start with a Plan 

You must put a spring cleaning plan on paper before executing it practically. Planning earlier will make it possible for you to keep up with your cleaning goals. So, create a list of the tasks in order of importance. You can also create a checklist, set a timeline, or use a planner to keep yourself on track. 

2. Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is an essential part of any spring cleaning process. It involves reviewing your belongings and getting rid of unwanted things. You can divide your task into the following steps:

Sort Your Stuff

To start decluttering, sort your stuff and decide which items are useless, which ones can be sold, and which ones can be donated. Consider selling things that are in good condition to make some money. Remember that you will have to do away with those unwanted items which are creating clutter and taking up space.

Sell Old Toys

If you’re decluttering and come across old collectible toys, consider selling them to make some extra cash. If you wonder where to sell vintage collectible toys, search for toy collector websites online. The good thing is selling old toys lets you make some money while decluttering your space, simultaneously.

3. Deep Clean Your Home

You must deep clean your home after decluttering it. So, you will be tackling areas that you don’t clean on a regular basis to do that. Since this will be a challenging task, you must create a mind map and divide your tasks.

Start with Basics

You can start by dusting and wiping down surfaces, including walls, baseboards, and doors. Later wash windows and curtains to let more natural light in. Scrub floors, carpets, and upholstery to remove dirt and stains. People often prefer using a HEPA vacuum to clean their carpets, so you can also do that.

Move on to the Kitchen

The kitchen can accumulate grime and mess quickly because you use it heavily throughout the year. Start by clearing out your cabinets and drawers, wiping them down, and getting rid of any expired or unused items. Next, clean the inside and outside of all the kitchen appliances thoroughly. Lastly, scrub your countertops and sink to remove tough stains or grime.

Tackle the Bathroom

Start by focusing on the shower and tub, and use a cleaning solution to scrub down the walls, floors, and fixtures. Next, move on to cleaning the toilet and use a disinfectant cleaner for scrubbing the bowl, lid, and base of your toilet. Lastly, wipe down the sink and countertops, removing toothpaste stains, soap scum, or other grime.

Don’t Forget the Bedrooms

Bedrooms can be a sanctuary for relaxation, but they can also harbor dust and dirt. Start by washing all your bedding and pillows. You may dust and wipe down all surfaces and furniture in the room in the meantime. Finally, vacuum or sweep the floors, paying special attention to corners and under the bed. 

4. Use the Right Tools

Your spring cleaning process becomes quite easy when you use the right tools. So, invest in good quality cleaning products and tools, such as microfiber cloths, sponges, and cleaning agents like natural cleaners. Apart from that, a broom and mop on hand will be helpful as well.

5. Change Your Home’s Theme 

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to not only get your home in order but also to update and refresh its overall look and feel. There are several décor ideas which you can take inspiration from. However, the most major ones are discussed below:

Choose a Color Scheme or Style

Identifying a color scheme or style that you’re drawn to is the first step in changing your home’s theme. You can do this by searching for inspiring décor designs online and getting know-how of color psychology. Once you’ve settled on a color scheme or style, you can begin painting your rooms.

Update Your Furniture and Accessories

Updating your furniture and accessories is a thoughtful way to change the way your home looks. Look for pieces that fit the theme you’re trying to achieve. This can include furniture with clean lines and simple designs, as well as artwork, decorative accents, and lighting.

Incorporate Plants and Greenery

Plants and greenery create a naturally calming atmosphere inside your home. You can bring in fresh flowerpots or design a vertical garden. Plants add to the décor of a room and purify the air to improve your overall well-being.

6. Don’t Forget the Details

Finally, remember to pay attention to the small details. Clean the hard-to-reach areas, such as the baseboards, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. You can also clean your HVAC system and install an air purifier.


Planning for your annual spring cleaning could be daunting at first, but everything becomes way easier with the help of the tips discussed in this blog. So, use them the right way and plan accordingly. Nevertheless, you can use your creativity to go a step ahead.

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