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BrandMentions – The second pair of eyes you need for your business


Let’s face it: It’s very difficult to stay up to date 24/7 with everything that is said about your business at any moment. With so much content being published online every second, it’s almost impossible to monitor your business accurately. 

And here’s where specialized tools & apps jump in. A great tool for real-time brand monitoring is Brand Mentions. The tool does much more than brand monitoring, and in the following lines, I’ll try to highlight the tools’ main features.

Brand Monitoring in Any Language

I am mentioning “brand monitoring in all languages” because I find it an essential feature of the tool. Maybe you have an international brand, or you want to conquer a new market, and you want to check out what’s going on there. Brand monitoring should be universal, omnipresent. 

The tool is pretty straightforward here. You add your brand’s name, a topic, or what you want to monitor, and the tool will give you the web and social mentions about your monitored keywords in a matter of seconds. Of course, you can “fine-tune” your monitoring, which means that you can add inclusions, exclusions for both keywords, sites, or social platforms. The more you fine-tune, the more relevant mentions you’ll get, so I’d advise spending a bit of time here, at the beginning as it will pay off in the long run. 

Below there is a screenshot with the mentions from a small brand I’ve added. You can play around with filters as much as you want, they have lots of filtering options and combinations. Also, You can choose the time period, and also it’s pretty easy to read the mentions straight from the tool. You can also reply to mentions coming from social networks. 

Social Listening on All Major Social Platforms

Many content marketers easily mix social monitoring with social listening. I like this analogy a lot: Imagine that social monitoring is convenience food, while social listening is the ingredients list of a recipe. 

Social listening refers to searching and checking for all the key conversations happening on social media that mention your brand, product, name, or various terms defining the industry you activate in, and analyze, interpret, and eventually apply the newly-gained insight into your marketing strategy.

Brand Mentions help you out a lot with social listening. The tool will not just show you all the mentions you got from all major social networks, but will also give you lots of other insights that will help you out in defining or changing your existing social marketing strategy.  

Hashtag Monitoring

Hashtags are somehow the new kids on the block. One might say that they should not interest you as long as you’re not an Instagram person, or your business doesn’t rely on Millenials. Yet, that’s not entirely true. By definition, hashtags are made to be monitored, and BrandMentions does a pretty good job at this exact matter. It even has a dedicated tool for hashtag tracking.

Below you can see a screenshot of how you’ll see the mention, with your monitored # highlighted and a snippet from the dedicated hashtag tracker Brand Mentions has. 

Reputation Management 

We all know that it takes ages to build a reputation, but only a few moments to ruin it. And this is not just a saying; it’s actually the truth. So, keeping your reputation as safe as possible it’s a must and not a whim. 

BrandMentions can help you out with all three online reputation processes: building, maintaining, and recovering it. Of course, the tool is just a helper; you are the one in control of the strategy. Yet, it is a pretty good helper. 

I’ll take an example from the tool itself. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a mention of their brand in a not so convenient context. Yet, they most likely received an instant notification that they’ve been mentioned, and they responded on the spot. You can reply from the tool directly, which is another great asset. 

When it comes to online reputations, you should help yourself from ignoring your brand mentions. A small reaction, an apology, or a “thank you” is a little effort that will pay you off. Also, Don’t lie; if you give advice or a promise, then make sure to give the right information or keep that promise. It’s BrandMentions’ job to announce to you about the mentions; yet, it’s your job to react accordingly to them. 

Another cool feature the tool has it’s the sentiment analysis. The tool lets you know how many of your mentions have a negative or positive sentiment. And although there are cases when you’d have to set a mention’s sentiment manually, the tool still gives you a good idea of where you’re standing. Below there’s a chart with the mentions number and their sentiment for the past three months. You can get this report in a more detailed view if you’re interested in the negative mentions only, for instance. You can even add an alert notification, so you’ll get an automated mail each time a negative mention of your brand appears online. 

Competitor Spying

Whatever business you’d be in, chances are there are other companies out there offering a similar product or service as you. Therefore, you need to know exactly where you stand among your fiercest competitors.

You can monitor your competitors one by one and get tons of insight about them, or you can use one of my favorite features of the tool: compare projects. What I like most about this feature is that it allows you to understand your position on the market better. Just by taking a look, you can get an idea of what your competitors are doing better or worse than you, but also, it gives you new developing ideas. 

Below you can see a screenshot from Brand Mentions from the comparative projects feature. 

All in all, Brand Mentions is a super useful app that will definitely make your life easier. You don’t have to be a digital marketer or a social marketer guru to use it. Any site or small business owner can use it and get awesome insights from it. If you don’t have enough time to play around with it, you’ll also get a daily mail with all new mentions for your projects and monitor everything straight from your inbox. 

They offer free trials and set up assistance, so try BrandMentions and see if they fit your business.

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