11 Ways to stay up to date with Financial Markets

Capital or more commonly referred to as money is the thing around which our world revolves around. The inflows and outflows of capital from one point to another define the economic interconnectedness we face these days. These monetary movements and their regulations make up the financial markets where people trade and exchange monetary ideas. They make their living through these markets as well as keeping the world afloat by investing and buying.

The modern world is filled with computers and smartphones, and hence information retrieval is not a problem. However, siphoning this information to make some knowledgeable and well-informed decisions is a different ball-game. To keep up with the fast-paced world of ours, we need to utilize and maximize these information avenues and make the most of it by investing in the financial markets. Even if we are not investing, there are considerable stakes for the average person who should know what goes around in the financial markets.


Financial markets impact everyone, and hence we should always be prudent to their ups and downs. These fluctuations usually have far-reaching consequences, and for this reason, we are here to tell you about all the simple ways by which you can stay up to date with these important entities.

1. Online US Business News Websites

Gone are days where you would get only updates once every 24 hours or 12 hours and that too in a newspaper. As technology revolutionizes every aspect of our living, the information world was first to change. With lightning speed internets, the dissemination of information takes place at a rapid pace. For this reason, the best companion you can look up to stay abreast of all the financial news is online US business news websites. These websites provide the same coverage as your regular newspaper subscriptions and then some. These websites are regularly updated on the hours, keeping you well informed of all the latest happenings in the world of finance.

Business News Websites

2. Pick at least Two to Three Websites

There is no dearth of information options, and the same is the case of news websites. Finding the right fit for your needs may be a challenge, but worry not. These websites usually provide free financial market situation and even analysis. All you need to do is to try a few websites, follow them for a few days, and see which is the most suitable for your needs. Some may have the most user-friendly layout; others may have an interesting FAQ area. Hence it is imperative to fine-tune the selection according to your needs.

3. Monitor Mentions & Sentiment

Use social media analytics tools to track and measure what people are saying about the companies you are interested in trading.
These tools will give you better insights into your trading strategy even subscribing to the best investment newsletters. They are designed to effectively monitor companies on the Internet. Using this information you can adapt your portfolio and trading based on the sentiment of the mentions as well as their share of voice.

4. Multiple Sources to Prevent Information Bias

Another important factor for the selection of at least two sources of information on your smartphone or laptop is the information bias that is common these days. Most US business news websites align with one or other mainstream political ideology making their analysis somewhat judgmental. To avoid this, stick to sources that provide numbers and are known for less prejudice. You can bookmark the website you trust the most and check only that for in-depth analysis purposes.

5. Get RSS Subscription

rss news feeds

RSS or Rich Summary Site reader is where you can customize all your news requirements. The RSS acts like a feed of all your favorite news outlets and also specific topics if you want. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from various news sites and even customize them according to only the topics you require. It makes information ciphering a breeze as you don’t have tons of unwanted information at your disposal. Just get an RSS reader ad google RSS feeds; here you will get links that you simply copy into your RSS reader for future news needs.

6. Get Alerts from News Websites

Most news websites these days have their applications that you can install on your smartphone. By using this application, you can turn on the automatic notifications regarding certain news stories. You have the option to turn them on for just breaking news or any regional news, giving you more choice on what news to receive.

7. Google Alerts

We live in a world of smart computing and Artificial Intelligence as the world moves to new technologies that are smarter and mimic human behavior. In this battle, Google has had a head start as its search engine, which is based on a powerful algorithm that can meet your news need in an instant. It can easily collate data and send you what you require at the touch of the button. Google’s analytics services are top-notch and help you attain only the information you require.

8. News Aggregators to Club News Sources Together

If you don’t have a priority for one news outlet and want a good mix from all corners, go for a news aggregator. These websites contain news links from different sites onto one platform so that you can easily read it in one place. For the average person, this functionality is an important one; saving time switching between tabs to find news on different websites.

9. Install A News Ticker

News Ticker

US business news websites and especially the ones providing financial insights usually provide the option of a news ticker that can install on your laptop. This ticker runs at the bottom of your laptop screen and provides valuable information such as stock values and market situations. It is a handy way of keeping knowledgeable about the latest in the financial world. It lets you work on your laptop while displaying the requisite information without you having to open some link or window.

10. Listen to Podcasts

For those who don’t have much time on their hands, podcasts are a great way to stay connected with the latest happenings of the financial markets. This auditory nature of podcasts allows you to listen and do other things along with it. Your morning commute to the office is a prime example of the time where you can easily plug in your earphones and get all the latest news regarding the financial markets.

11. Follow Social Media Accounts of the Companies you have invested in

Social Media Accounts of the Companies investd

Another quick way to get real-time information on the companies you have invested in by following their official Twitter or other social media accounts. These accounts, especially the ones on Twitter, provide real-time information and news regarding the company and thus keeping you well-informed of the company you may have invested in or are looking to.

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