Boost Your Productivity: 7 Hacks from Professional Essay Writers

Have you ever experienced a situation when productivity significantly decreased after 2 – 3 pages written? If yes, the good news is that many professional writers get the same feeling. However, they know how to deal with their productivity and inspiration. It is not easy to make yourself write much and well, but with the right approach, it is possible.

Many students would claim that writing is daunting because they lose productivity with every second page they write. Our brain functions like this, especially if it is overwhelmed with new information. When you are writing for an hour or two, the desire to shift your focus and distract becomes intolerable. However, professional essay writers have some tricks allowing them to extend the working process. The most general tips include:

  • having a good sleep before writing
  • starting your work early to have enough energy
  • getting a nice breakfast before getting to work, etc.
Boost Your Productivity: 7 Hacks

In this article, we will talk about several more specific hacks that can boost productivity and make your writing better.

Plan and Outline

Before you start writing, plan and outline whatever you are going to mention. Whether it is an academic writing paper or a blog post, you need a clear plan on what you intend to write. Such project planning will ease the work because you will always have something to rely on. Even if you want to make changes, they will logically stem from your topic without changing the mainline.

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Many students find this part of work the most difficult. If you are one of them, you’d better hire essay writers from essay writing services like to get the work done professionally. Experienced authors take each step of preparing the project seriously, starting from the outline up to the final paper. In the end, planning is as important to your assignment as the writing itself.

Boost Your Productivity: 7 Hacks from Professional Essay Writers

Take Notes

Always have a piece of paper at hand if you are about to start writing. Some ideas will come along with the process, and it is important to take notes. They can be further used in your writing. This method is called the Cornell Note-Taking System. It helps you remind yourself of the ideas you had while writing previous paragraphs. Moreover, you will never feel like you have lost an important thought.

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Start with a Difficult Task

Jason Brick, who is a freelance writer and public speaker, stresses the importance of “eating the frog first.” This method is also known as the Eisenhower Box. Choose the most difficult task from those you are up to during the day and get it over with. If you start with the easy tasks, you are more likely to fail with the difficult one at the end of the day. At the same time, if you complete complex assignments first, you may even finish your daily workload earlier than expected. However, this rule works only if you do not have strict or approaching deadlines.

Unable Notifications

Rachel Wheeler, who is a managing editor for Elite Editing, believes that the major thing that keeps you distracted from work is your mobile phone. Even though some people can control Facebook and Instagram addiction, almost none can resist the curiosity if they hear notification alarm. It takes much longer to fuel your productivity again, even after such a short break. Thus, the recommendation is to turn off your phone or at least make it silent while you are writing.

 Boost Your Productivity: 7 Hacks

Stay Focused

When you are done with the phone and social media, it is high time to deal with the browser. There are some applications and plugins that can temporarily block access to the websites that would distract you from the writing process. If your weakness is your TV, turn it off. If you can work without the Internet, switch off the router. Try to avoid things that can make you less concentrated and steal precious time.

Adjust Your Environment

If you work in a noisy atmosphere full of distraction, be ready to lose your productivity. The best writing technique is to compose in isolation, where a family and friends will not find and disturb you. The world will not stop if you disappear for 2 – 3 hours. However, during those hours you can get 70% of your writing work done. They will be the most productive. The rest of the day you can spend adjusting the paper.

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5 Min Break

Laura Crest, who writes for SEO Copywriting, advocates for apps like Pomodoro. The idea is to limit your writing with short intervals. Your brain starts to treat every interval as a deadline. In the end, you will be surprised how much you can do in such a short time. The usual technique is to limit your work-time to 25 min with a 5 min break. Such rhythm will allow you to make significant progress with your writing without losing interest in the topic.

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Wrapping Up

Many students find writing distressing while others choose it as their main occupation. Like every other work, this one requires concentration and dedication. If planned and organized, writing is not as difficult as it seems. However, even those who like sharing their thoughts with others may feel like they lose productivity. In such cases, professional writers have special hacks that help in their daily work. Try the ideas mentioned and see how your writing improves.

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