Best Phones For Senior Citizens in 2020

Phones are usually marketed to the younger crowd — the demographic between 13-50 years old. While there are several categories of phones that are created for this audience, one category that almost all smartphone manufacturers miss out on is the senior citizens. And while it is understandable because this market is not the most profitable, there is still a need for specialized cell phones for senior citizens.

We live in a world where smartphones rule the world, and most smartphone companies try to cater to any age in their latest releases. The most important thing to take into consideration for smartphones catered to  senior citizens is that it needs to be user friendly. Smartphones for senior citizens do not need to have fast RAM or ROM, the elderly probably don’t mind whether they have high-end RAM or ROM and probably don’t even know the difference of ram vs rom .

 In this article, we’ve listed down the best cell phones for the young at heart. These are the cellphones, or smartphones for that matter that are best used by the aging crowd.

Top pick: Apple iPad Mini

Your immediate reaction to this is maybe a “Huh?” but an iPad Mini is actually the best option as a cell phone for seniors. They wouldn’t care that it really technically isn’t a phone. It will deliver everything that they expect a phone should be: iMessage, FaceTime, games, and fundamental apps like calculators, weather, and more. If your family uses iPhones, it makes sense that this is the device you should get your grandma or grandpa.

But what sets the Apple iPad Mini apart from other phones in this list is that it has hearing aid compatibility for deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens. It also has a bigger screen than normal smartphones, which will help seniors to see small texts. There is also a great availability of apps and games which are developed for older audiences. With Apple pushing for inclusivity in its apps, more and more apps are being updated to be senior citizen-friendly.

Apple’s iOS is also very user-friendly, and there is really no steep learning curve that may derail the convenience of having one. With iOS’ no nonsense set-up, any senior citizen can use it effectively and efficiently in no more than an hour or so of instructions. Plus, you can just set up everything for your grandma or grandpa beforehand. And if they have questions, tell them to FaceTime you!

Runner-Ups:  Samsung S10e and Huawei P Smart

Now, these are true smartphones that you can give to the senior citizen in your life. Samsung S10e is a fairly new smartphone, with the S20 series just launched this year. The S10e is the budget option from Samsung’s previous flagship S10 line. It’s wide 5.8 inches of the display can be configured to show bigger text and will let your elderly family member feel extra tech-savvy. Speaking of the display, even if its only the budget option from the S10 line, the S10e’s screen is a beast, with bright viewing angles and lesser glare.

This feature is important for vision-impaired and challenged senior citizens. They will need a bright and accurate screen to see clearly. Another great feature that the S10e has is its 35mm audio jack, which means it’s easier for elders to set up audio calling when compared to true wireless stereo Bluetooth option. A fingerprint sensor on the side completes the package.

On the other hand,  Huawei P Smart is chosen because of its mid-range specs but excellent performance. Most senior citizens won’t care about how technologically-advanced their smartphone is – when it does everything they ask it to do, they’re pretty much set. You won’t need top of the line chipset because they probably won’t run power-hungry games or apps that need a heavy allocation from the existing working memory.

There is also a great feature on the P Smart that’s perfect for any senior citizen out there: the “Simple Mode.” When activated, this mode with turn icons and text into bigger versions of themselves to adjust to the elderly’s declining eyesight. And the best part? Since it’s a mid-tier phone, you can easily get the P Smart from anywhere, even online, in less than $350, with some repositories charging less than $300 for it!

Best Budget: Nokia 3310 3G, Alcatel Go Flip 3

If you’re looking for the best budget phone for elderlies, the Nokia 3310 3G version is a viable option as any. It has a physical keypad, and there are simple instructions for effective use. Another great entry in this category is a classic flip phone, the Alcatel Go Flip 3. It’s simple, straightforward, and doesn’t have the bells and whistles that may confuse elderlies.


If you are currently on the market for something to give to your grandparents, check out the choices presented above. Fair warning, though, on some smartphones like the Samsung S10e, you’ll have to set settings for font sizes in order to have better readability. Suffice it to say that every one of the options above will have you set a certain way to cater to your Nana’s or Pawpaw’s vision, hearing, and any other impairment.

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