Smart Reasons on Why You Should Upgrade Your RAM

Smart Reasons on Why You Should Upgrade Your RAM

There are several reasons why computers slow down, and it could be because of faulty software, a problem with processors, and even battery woes. Often, there is no major problem, and upgrading certain parts of your computer will do the trick, such as adding more RAM chips.

Here are the smart reasons why you should upgrade and buy ram online in Australia.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is responsible for the temporary storage of memory on your computer, which means it handles the current processes of your machine, according to an article by Digital Trends. Task like browsing through the internet is possible because of RAM.

Better Internet Surfing Experience 

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were about 14.7 million internet subscribers in Australia by the end of June 2018, an increase of 3.6% from the previous year.

This statistic is significant because it means more and more individuals are gaining access to the internet, which may cause internet traffic that can negatively affect your internet experience.

Having a larger RAM is beneficial because you will have a better internet surfing experience since your computer will have better performance. If you decide to make an upgrade, it would be best that you buy ram online in Australia through reliable and trusted stores.

Improved Gaming Experience

The popularity of computer games in Australia has dramatically increased over the years as digital game developers are producing more web platform games, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The average cost of game production increased from $74,000 to $337,500 from 2011 to 2016.

As games get more sophisticated, upgrades are necessary so that you can fully experience the thrill of the game. Playing high-end games with low-efficiency computers won’t do the trick, and you will experience computer lag most of the time. Fortunately, upgrading your RAM provides a solution to this predicament.

Since RAM is responsible for handling the current processes of your computer, the larger the RAM of your device, the better your gaming experience will be.

Compatibility with New Technology

DSL and cable are old internet technology that can’t match the speed of fibre connections. In Australia, fibre connections grew by more than 20% between December 2017 to June 2018 and more than 60% fibre growth in the first two quarters of 2018, reaching more than 3 million subscribers. Unfortunately, having computers with old technology might not be able to handle fibre connections.

Upgrading your RAM is important because it improves the capabilities of your computer to be compatible with new technology, such as fibre internet. By having large RAM, you are rest assured that your computer will be equipped with the latest technology for an overall great experience.

Your computer experience will be limited depending on particular components such as RAM. Not upgrading your RAM will most likely hold you back with different configurations and programs.

You can never go wrong in upgrading your RAM because you will have a more powerful device that can handle new technology. Start browsing online computer stores today, and start having a better computer experience!

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