An explanation of kinesiology and the advantages of using Kinesio tape

Sports, fitness, and leisure pursuits have all advanced in recent years as more and more research and time is put into it. It is now a high-level business. While many are happy enough walking, jogging, or playing a sport, they are possibly unaware of what they’re missing out on to get proper results from their exertions. 

Nutrition advice is readily available, with the way many rehydrate having changed massively over the last 20 years, with energy drinks and electrolytes becoming readily available. Taking care of your body properly really is the way to go, to protect it from injury and enhance maximum performance. The more competitive look to get ahead of their opponents, be it analysis, tips, or specialised training routines. Further technology has led to the advancement of a cloth tape product made in Kinesio Thailand.

Kinesiology explained

Kinesiology is the study of movement. It identifies potential areas of stress and strains on the body, which can lead to a weakening of a single muscle. A session with a kinesiotherapist will identify those areas after muscle testing to identify unconscious stress.

Treatment can assist with back pain, as muscles that are pushing and pulling the spine are identified rather than the spine itself. Kinesiology can also work to release anxiety as muscles are relaxed around the neck and back. It will also add additional support to those looking to improve their sleeping schedule

Whatever your exercise, turning to kinesiology will benefit you in your everyday life, as it can reduce injury, or help with improved rehabilitation if you are already on the sidelines and looking to get back as soon as possible. Many competitive athletes are turning to kinesiology tape to allow them to perform to their optimum. 

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesio tape or Kinesio Tex Tape, was originally developed in the late 1970s by the Japanese Chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, who wanted a flexible tape to provide support without limiting movement the way traditional athletic tapes do.

The wearer of the tape has become more noticeable in recent years. You may have spotted the brightly coloured tape on an athlete’s body when watching on TV. The therapeutic tape is often placed in patterns identified by the practitioner across the body. Maybe you wish to train to be a kinesiotherapist?

The tape has an elasticity blend of cotton and nylon to match the movement of skin. The tape gently lifts your skin to allow a vacuum between it and the tissues underneath. This also creates a space in shoulder and knee joints which reduces the chance of joint irritation.

The wearer’s circulation is improved and swelling decreases when hurt, which is good for early recovery from injuries. The tape is used as part of the healing process, with its flexibility, meaning your movement is unaffected and performance can improve when applied to fatigued muscles.

Get ahead of the game

Book an appointment with a kinesiotherapist, use Kinesio tape and get one step ahead of your competitors, with a healthy body performing to the max.

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