5 Signs You Need to Start Back Pain Treatments

Have you been suffering from severe pain in your back? If the level of pain has gotten unbearable, now is the time to see a doctor. It’s best to go now while the pain is still somewhat manageable. You don’t want to wait until it becomes chronic. Here are the 5 most common signs that you need to start pain treatment.

1. If You Suspect You May Have Sciatica

Do you suffer from symptoms such as severe lower back pain or pain that becomes worse when you sit down? Do you have pains that shoot up your legs, followed by burning or tingling sensations? If you have severe pain that makes it hard to sit down or stand up, you may need to start a course of sciatica treatment.

2. If You Have Sudden Weakness in the Legs

Are you suffering from sudden and unexplained weakness in your legs? Does it affect you when you sit down or when you try to stand up? This can be another strong sign that you need to start a course of back pain treatment. The weakness that you feel may be caused by nerves in your spine that have been compressed.

If this is the case, it can be a sign of spinal stenosis. It can also be one of the tell-tale symptoms of a condition such as sciatica. However, in the worst-case scenario, it may also be a sign that you may have suffered a stroke. If this is the case, you will need to consult with a doctor to get the proper care.

3. If Your Pain Suddenly Becomes Sharper

One of the worst types of back pain is the kind that suddenly becomes sharp. It’s one thing to deal with dull pains that amount to little more than the odd ache or creaky feeling. When it’s at this level, you can put the pain down to aging. You may even think it’s a routine sprain that will soon go away.

But when the pain becomes sharper, your comfort level goes down. At this point, you may well be in serious agony. The pain this sharp and chronic can be due to a torn ligament or muscle. It can also be due to an injury that you have received to one of your internal organs. Now is the time to seek treatment.

4. If the Pain Begins to Move Around

One of the worst forms that pain in your back can take is a sort of radiating pain. This occurs when the source of pain seems to move around rather than stay in one set position. It can move to any number of positions within the general area of your legs or rear. As a result, it seems to hit quickly without warning.

This type of radiating or shooting pain can be due to any number of causes. One of the most common will be a compressed nerve. If you have not given yourself an adequate amount of time to recover from nerve compression, it can get worse. The best thing you can do is seek medical aid before the area of pain spreads.

5. If You Start to Suffer From Incontinence

Perhaps the most unsettling symptom that can be associated with recurring back pain is incontinence. If you suffer from a sudden inability to control your bowel or bladder movements, this can be due to several conditions. These can include nerve compression or an infection of the spine.

Keep in mind that the incontinence and back pain that you are suffering from can be also indicative of an even worse ailment. This can be a potentially fatal condition known as meningitis. If you suffer incontinence, seek help from a doctor immediately.

When the Pain Gets Worse, Seek Help

There is no good side to suffering from chronic back pain. If your condition is getting worse, now is the time for you to seek treatment. This is not the kind of problem that is likely to go away on its own. It will most likely get worse until you seek help. Now is the time to get aid to restore your quality of life.

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