7 Essential Beauty Shortcuts for Your Next Holiday

Get more done this year with some of these holiday makeup shortcuts. Make your makeup looks effortless with these easy tips from some of our favorite makeup artists. Regardless if you’re going on a limited budget or have plenty of money to spend on makeup, these tips will help achieve your look more flattering!

When it comes to choosing makeup, simplicity is key. And that goes for breaking theirnual routine down into easy steps. Makeup should be easy—relaxing and comforting, rather than taxing and time-consuming. This guide will teach you seven essential makeup shortcuts that will help you stay calm and look your best, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to your beauty regimen.

Simplicity is key

When it comes to holiday makeup, simplicity is key. Resist the temptation to layer colors, the temptation to contour beyond your natural features, or to use both powder and gel products for look-at-me effects. Let’s face it: we’re busy enjoying our lives and there’s not enough time to do everything. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Apply a base makeup shade (like matte) followed by a concealer. Use a heavier concealer for concentrating on areas where you need more coverage ( like cheekbones ).


Completing your holiday makeup look is by enhancing your eyelashes through eyelash extensions from Paris Lash Academy. Eyelashes extensions are always great to glam up your eyelashes as it is easy to wear and it’s price is super affordable. It is also not harmful to your eyes at all. Thus, wearing eyelash extensions will complete the whole beauty look you desire during holidays. You can even choose the thickness of the extensions that you want to wear and at the same, you can be more fashionable with it as it has a lot of colors that you choose from. 

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Eyebrows are the focus

When your eyebrows are trimmed, you will have the impression that you do not need a lot of additional make-up. When you are on vacation, you should relax and enjoy, and not constantly think about makeup repairs. Eyebrow luminosity treatments or a professional holiday drawing can help you make your eyebrows look perfect for months. If you are not a fan of such treatments and you know how to draw eyebrows yourself, it is important to bring your favorite pencil. Use eyebrow pencil to contour and highlight your brows. This step is best if used after moisturizing your face so that your skin is soft and smooth.

Is a powder foundation mandatory?

Social media has been abuzz with tutorials and articles about the best types of powder to use for contouring. While it’s true you should always buy your makeup via a drugstore, drugstore brands have pushed the boundaries when it comes to ingredients. Some of the newer, smaller brands are using natural ingredients in their products which can drastically improve the quality of your skin. We advise you to choose light powder foundations that will not clog pores. If your powder also has sun protection, that’s a complete hit!

Arrange your hairstyle before going on vacation

While many will advise you to straighten your hair when you return from vacation, it really isn’t the point to see frayed hair ends or growths in your pictures. Arrange your hair before you go on vacation. In an organic hair salon, choose a hairstyle that will refresh your look, whether it is a new color or a different shape of hairstyle.


Mascara is a must in a women’s kit, because it provides the opportunity to look great in just a few moments. If you are going on a vacation where you will swim, we recommend waterproof mascara. It is not the best for long-term use, because it is difficult to remove and can damage the lashes. If you only use it during the holidays, that’s fine. At night, choose plain mascara for eyelash volume.

Easy tips

If you’re new to beauty, put together a list of your top 3 favorite products and items. Then try on each item to see how they fit together. Is there something you don’t like that could be improved upon? Arrange them in a kit with another item that will help improve its appearance (Eg: a lip gloss kit). That way, you will know where everything is at all times, and the care during the vacation will not take too much time.

Do not carry too many products

One of the most common mistakes women make is that they carry too many products when they go on vacation. You will not use most of these products, and they will take up space in your suitcase unnecessarily. It is true that you will find basic beauty products in every country if you really need them, so there is no need to bring a large number of products from home.

And lastly, spend more time in adventures than in preparation and enjoy every moment!

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