Technological Advancements in the Beauty Industry

Technology drives society. Many advancements in technology often reflect society’s needs and wants. In the past, technologies were slow to catch on; it took a long time for people to adopt them into everyday life (think the radio or the elevator). But as technology progressed, so did the adaptation. Technology has permeated every facet of modern society, from business to education, medicine, and even beauty. This article will help you learn the technological advancements that push the beauty industry forward.

Makeup Printers Exist

Since their popularity a few years back, 3D printers have been all the rage, and developers and innovators are now applying the same technology across many different fields. The all-encompassing technology of 3D printing doesn’t spare even cosmetics and makeup. In a recent electronic and gadget convention, major brands showed off makeup printers, which are handheld and easy to use. It utilizes tiny cameras built inside to analyze an individual’s skin, uses a powerful microprocessor inside it to process the data, and then creates an algorithm to apply makeup to the face. This new technology is promised to work regardless of skin tone and can perhaps be the future of cosmetics.

Skin Tone Scanners to Match Any Skin Tone

Personalized cosmetics are becoming more prominent and often requested. Skin tone analysis is among the most sought-after technology within the personalized cosmetics market. It has long been a challenge for makeup artists and enthusiasts to match skin tone to the appropriate makeup color. This challenge is compounded by different people’s diverse and beautiful skin tones. Fortunately, digital scanners can pinpoint which shade or tone of the skin exactly now exists. These handheld devices, also called “colorimeters,” can scan and analyze skin tone, providing an accurate color identification for an individual’s skin tone.

This technology is particularly effective nowadays, as no-touch transactions are becoming popular even in cosmetic stores. This also benefits those with sensitive skin and allergies by providing instantaneous and accurate depictions of their skin tone, all without the hassle of testing and potentially exposing themselves to allergens and bacterias.

The Next Generation of Hair Care and Removal

For men, pattern balding is among the most common cosmetic issues they suffer. For women, it’s the opposite: they want to get rid of extra hair. Fortunately, technology does both exist and is relatively accessible. Women can opt for permanent hair removal to clean out stubborn hairs. At the same time, men can choose from the myriad of hair re-growers now available on the market. Chemicals that stimulate hair growth, procedures that implant hair directly (that grows back), and treatment options for hormonal imbalances all exist to help men grow their hair back. For women, access to better hair-removal tools and procedures is becoming so commonplace that Brazilian wax has become a dot in the wide variety of choices.

Augmented-Reality (AR) Makeup Testing

Social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram allow you to try out different makeup styles through beauty filters. Similarly, many major makeup brands now will enable you to try out their latest products and releases without having to go to physical stores. This type of AI technology provides convenience and a level of accuracy when it comes to trying out different looks for any event or occasion. It also allows beginners a good idea of how to put on makeup as it is an immediate source of feedback. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have access to the full range of makeup options in their local store. This technology is also perfect for people who don’t want to spend money on an extensive collection of foundations and concealers or lipsticks and glosses they might not necessarily need.

Hair Brushes Have Become Smart Too

There’s a smart version for every device nowadays, including hairbrushes. Smart hair brushes don’t just smooth, straighten, or curl hair; they can now also significantly do more advanced functionalities. Its bristles are packed with sensors that can assess the health and quality of your hair. This piece of technology also massages your scalp while you’re brushing your hair. It also detects split ends and frizz, so you get as much critical input as you need. With such futuristic features, many people expect these hairbrushes to be commonplace in beauty salons worldwide.

Thanks to new technology, the power to change or improve your appearance have now become relatively accessible. Technology has progressed significantly enough that everyday people can afford them, and many expect rapid development to pave the way for even better inventions soon.

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