6 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches Or A Lighter

When going on an outdoor adventure, one of the main things you have to carry is a lighter or a matchbox with dry matches. Out in the wild, finding yourself in a situation where you are out of matches or have lost your lighter can cause you a lot of worry as dark approaches. Lucky for you, this article seeks to give insight into what you can do to start a fire without matches or a lighter.

In some of the six methods below, you can make a fire with items you can easily access outdoors. However, you can eventually prepare yourself on how to make a fire without a lighter by reading various BattlBox articles on their website. Besides this, here are other ways to start a fire without matches. 

1. Friction

The use of friction is probably one of the most common ways to make fires without using matches and lighters. In fact, the main mechanism behind the functionality of matches and lighters is friction. However, when you are outdoors and don’t have these items, you can start a fire using flints or hand drills.

Flints are crystalline rocks that, when rubbed together, can create a spark that results in a fire. All you need to do is strike the rocks against each other when close to kindling, such as some household items that can start fires, as discussed by BattlBox. Alternatively, get a piece of wood and a dry stick arm-length. Create a small notch or groove into the piece of wood, just small enough for the stick to fit. Then, spin the stick in the groove by running your hands back and forth and using a downward force. The friction will create sparks for a fire.

Start A Fire Without Matches Or A Lighter

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2. Magnifying Lens

People going on outdoor adventures often carry magnifying lenses to observe plants and insects when in the wild closely. They fail to realize that these magnifying lenses can be instrumental in lighting fires when you are out of matches. All you have to do is focus the lens on paper or small wood shavings. After a short while, you will notice the material will start smoking and then ignite. However, this method only works on sunny days. Remember to hold your hand very steady; otherwise, the method will not work.

3. Glasses

Your eyesight problems can be a blessing in disguise if you are outdoors and want to start a fire. This method works by focusing the light on a piece of tinder or kindling to create enough heat for a fire. For this to work, you need to place a drop of water on your glasses to turn them into a biconvex lens. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough that two people in your group have glasses, then you can put the glasses on top of each other for a similar effect. Remember, this method only works for long-sighted people.

4. Water In A Clear Bag

It may appear strange that something that turns out a fire, like water, can also help you start one. This method is quite simple. All you have to do is place the water inside a clear polythene bag. This creates a lens, which you can use to focus light on kindling and start a fire. If you don’t have a polythene bag around, you can use the edges of a bottle for a similar effect. However, this method can take some time since the bottle or polythene bag is a makeshift lens rather than a real lens. With enough patience, the fire will definitely start.

Start A Fire Without Matches Or A Lighter

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5. Battery and Steel Wool

A battery and steel wool are items a typical camper can have with them when outdoors. They are also very effective if you want to start a fire. This method relies on the principle of resistance. In simple terms, when there is high electrical resistance, there is increased heat which can result in a fire. This is the main cause of electrical fires. To use this method, connect a piece of steel wool to both terminals of a battery of at least 3 volts. The circuit will create heat, which will lead to a fire.

6. Chemistry

Thinking about chemistry when outdoors is probably not going to be on top of the list of things you were planning to do. However, this method can be very efficient for you to start a fire when all hope is lost. You can start a fire with minimal effort using potassium permanganate and glycerin. Your first question is probably where you can find glycerin and potassium permanganate. Many lotions and petroleum jelly products are infused with glycerin. For potassium permanganate, you can get the powder in a standard-issue first aid kit. Once you have these items, mix them next to your kindling and wait for the fire to start on its own from the resulting exothermic reaction.

Start A Fire Without Matches Or A Lighter

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Wrapping Up

Having insight into how to start a fire when you are out of matches is an essential skill for any adventure enthusiast. The methods discussed above will increase your chances of starting a fire and cooking your meal or keeping warm. These methods have varying degrees of ease and effectiveness. Consider experimenting with all of them to find one that will work well for you.

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