6 tips to help you keep fit after childbirth.

In this article, I have curated a list of top 5 tips you can implement to ensure your body stays fit even after giving birth.

After childbirth, mothers are expected to put on more weight due to changes in their bodies. Weight gain after childbearing is not a thing of shame but if you are looking to shed some of those weights in a way that won’t interrupt breastfeeding your baby, then check out: workout bras for nursing moms.

Get back to exercising: 

Yes! Contrary to the shared opinion that a woman’s body is weak after childbearing and so should not be allowed to face any stress. I am here to tell you that you will need to exercise if you desire to keep your body fit and sexy after giving birth. 

The only thing you need to keep a tab on is the intensity of these exercises. Keep them moderate. Nothing too extreme. However, I recommend you seek the advice of your doctor to know when it’s safe for you to engage in these activities.

Don’t engage in an anyhow type of exercise: 

It is highly recommended and equally safe for you to consult the service of a professional instructor in formulating the sort of exercises that would be perfect for your body and body goal you aim to achieve. Using your initiative to determine the type of exercises that are a fit for you is too much of a risk with many downsides that could be life-threatening in some instances.

Stay hydrated: 

As a nursing mom, you will need to produce lots of breastmilk to tend to the need of your baby. However, a dehydrated mom will not be able to produce breastmilk in sufficient quantities. Therefore, ensure you pay adequate attention to your body and notice if you’re thirsty, or keep drinking water nearby at all times to ensure you keep breastmilk supply at an optimal level. 

Occasionally, take a walk. 

Don’t get overly immersed in child caring activities. Walking is a proven way to ease your mind.

Prioritize your self-care: 

It is normal to get lost in looking after your baby after childbirth. Honestly, the child becomes the centre of focus but do not get immersed with your baby to the point where you forget to take care of yourself. Occasionally engage yourself in some me-moment. Having a few hours to yourself is a great way to ensure your mental health balance. It is up to you to decide what you’ll do during this me-moment.

A healthy diet plan:

The period of breastfeeding is one of intense calorie burnout. Without adequate calories in the body, it will be difficult to produce milk for your baby. Therefore it is very important to design a healthy meal plan that ensures your body never runs low on calorie requirements. Just eating does not the trick, you have to eat the right type of things and of course at the right time.

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