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Little Known Secrets to Achieving your Aesthetic Goals

Aesthetic Goals

Time is constant and poses adverse effects on the skin, body, and other features. Fortunately, you can reclaim a youthful appearance and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. With suitable professional help, you can correct problem areas in your body to reveal a vibrant look. Skin Deep Laser MD continues to redefine the industry with quality aesthetic procedures that guarantee superior results. Contact the experts to get your dream look today.

About Practice

No matter the nature of your aesthetic needs, Dr. Riehm of Skin Deep Laser MD has all the solutions you seek. His practice specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive body and skin procedures that demand no downtime. Your post-procedure results entail enhanced skin tone, vibrancy, texture, and an overall youthful look.

Treatments at Skin Deep Laser MD include skin rejuvenation and procedures to decrease sun damage and acne scars. With Botox® and dermal filler injections, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. If you have tattoos that are not pleasing to you anymore, Dr. Riehm conducts successful removal with lasers. For unwanted hair, you can get rid of the razor with laser hair removal practices.

Your providers at Skin deep Laser apply only FSA-cleared and the most current equipment. They also promise full attention and top-notch service at pocket-friendly prices compared to their competitors.

Available Services

At Skin Deep Laser MD, new and existing patients enjoy a variety of quality services from the talented team. Such services include:

·       Body Sculpting Specialist- If you have those areas in your body that refuse to shrink even with exercise and diet, tolerance is not your only alternative. Your provider at Skin Deep Laser applies WarmSculpting® with SculSure® laser contouring to successfully address those problem areas.

·       Age Spots Specialist- Those tiny dark spots appearing on your face and hands as you mature, however harmless, can make you apprehensive. If you seek solutions for this condition, Dr. Riehm addresses the appearance of irregular pigmentation with effective skin-rejuvenating treatments.

·       Melasma Specialist- Melasma is characterized by those greyish-brown patches appearing on your skin, mostly due to sun exposure. Living with these patches is not mandatory. Contact Dr. Riehm for several treatment alternatives, including PicoSure® laser treatments for a better skin tone.

·       Laser Hair Removal Specialist- Although shaving and waxing are conventional methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, their results are temporary. Dr. Riehm of Skin Deep Laser offers hair removal using Vectus® laser for more permanent results.

·       Lip Injections Specialist- If you experience thinning lips or severe lines around your lips, you should consider lip injections. At Skin Deep Laser, Dr. Riehm offers dermal filler injections to add structure, volume, and shape to your mouth.

·       Skin Tightening Specialist- Firmer and tighter skin on your body and face reveals a more youthful and toned appearance. Specialist Dr. Riehm offers PelleFirm® and pelleve® radiofrequency therapy to correct facial lines, lax skin, and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of cellulite on your body. Contact Skin Deep Laser to learn the benefits of these innovative skin-tightening procedures.

Regardless of your age, you deserve to be happy in your skin. Schedule a consultation with Skin Deep Laser MD today to have the most of your cosmetic procedure. Book your appointment online or call to speak to a friendly provider.


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