How to Choose the Right Innovation Management Software for Your Business

Continuous innovation is required by businesses to ensure they do not collapse. Innovation entails improving various aspects of business processes. Some of the aspects include manufacturing and sales. Innovation can also entail a brand broadening its spectrum. This is done by offering new products or services to its clients.

Innovation helps a business increase its market share. It also gives a business a competitive advantage. Now that we have ascertained that innovation is important, a brand must set up relevant processes and procedures to enable innovation.

Having a detailed and well-formulated innovation management strategy is important. It forms one piece of the process of enabling innovation in your business. Put in place an innovation platform to enable the strategy.

Innovation management software is used by businesses to gather ideas, feedback, and insights. The gathered data will help the business improve. Innovation management platforms help ensure the innovation management strategy is well-equipped with tools that enable it.

There are numerous options for innovation management platforms on the market. This makes it difficult for a brand to choose the right software. But don’t worry! In this article, we go through how to choose the right innovation management software for your business.

Choosing a Business Management Software: What to Consider

1. Business Needs

The process of selecting an innovation management platform should begin with gathering requirements. The company should gather and list the functionalities that are required. To gather the required functionalities to look for in an innovation management tool, consult the employees.

Fundamentally, innovation software ensures employees can submit their ideas to the business. With this, employees can ask for required functionalities. This can include idea tracking, easy idea submission process, idea documentation tools, etc.

Businesses can also use innovation management software to get ideas from their clients. This has become a common use case for innovation management platforms in this era. This is because putting client needs first has proven to be the key to success. If the business intends to use the innovation management platform for this purpose, list crowdsourcing as a requirement when choosing the tool.

Once you have the list of required functionalities, you can proceed to the next step of choosing an innovation management platform.

2. User-Interface

One factor that impacts the user acceptance rating of any software or technology platform is its usability. The ease of use of any platform is largely determined by its user interface (UI). The user interface of innovation management software is the first part of the software you will interact with.

The UI of the innovation management software you choose for your business should be easy for all intended users. To ensure all intended users can use it, you can consider the degree to which the intended user groups are tech-savvy.

If the intended users are not tech-savvy, you should go for an innovation management platform that is intuitive. An intuitive innovation management software is easily understood by all users and provides usability tips to users.

Some advisors claim that the UI of innovation management software is not vital. This is not a factual statement since innovation management software with a complicated UI will negatively impact the innovation culture.

3. Innovation Management

At the heart of every innovation management software are basic processes to help a business manage its ideas. While the concept of all innovation management platforms might be the same, the way they handle different processes always differs.

When choosing an innovation management platform, ensure that its handling of the idea management process aligns with the business’s needs. If the intended users said they need the platform to allow fast approvals and tracking of submitted ideas, ensure the software supports that.

You should also look for additional features in its idea management process. The additional features help to add value to an innovation management software and also future-proof it in case the feature is ever required. You should look for additional features such as collaboration capabilities. Collaboration capabilities increase the productivity of a business and improve and enrich various ideas.

While checking the platform’s handling of idea management, ensure that its processes align with the steps included in your brand’s idea management strategy.

4. Project Management

Choose the Right Innovation Management Software for Your Business

Software development companies that develop innovation management platforms always look for ways to increase the value of their products. One of the recent inclusions in innovation management platforms is the development of project management tools built into them.

When ideas are submitted to a business by employees, clients, or other stakeholders, the goal is for the ideas to be approved. Once an idea is approved, it is now considered a project to improve and better the business. In the past, businesses had to have independent project management platforms for use once ideas were approved. However, innovation management platforms now have project management tools built into them.

When using an innovation management tool that has project management tools, the idea implementation project starts immediately. The project management processes such as planning, scheduling, task allocation, and budgeting are done on the platform.

5. Platform Readiness

As previously stated, there are many innovation management platforms on the market. This is due to an influx in the need for the tools. This increase in need has also caused a subsequent rise in the number of developers and companies that are developing innovation management platforms.

When choosing an innovation management software, ensure the tool is well-built. This helps to offer enterprise-grade performance and reliability. In many cases, the developers aim to launch the platforms quickly. While doing this, they disregard the necessary non-functional requirements of such software. Ensure that the platform has enterprise-grade security measures and implementations. It should also handle heavy user loads and be scalable.

Well-developed innovation management tools have better reliability. This is key to ensuring you are not disappointed.


The factors listed above help you choose the right innovation management software for your business. If you are still unsure about which platform to purchase after considering the aforementioned factors, you should request free trials with the platforms. The free trial periods will help you check which platform suits your business best.

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