3 Fun Ways to Make Money Online

By this point in time, there is no secret that there is money to be made online. The trick is that it’s not always fun and games bringing in an income. Sometimes it’s hard work with literally hours poured into every new strategy you seek to develop. With that said, it doesn’t feel like hard work when it’s a labor of love and that’s what you’ll feel if you can find ways to make money and have fun doing it. Here are some suggestions you might want to try.

1. Podcasting

Let’s start with something that probably never crossed your mind. Have you even heard of podcasting? There was a time before the days of YouTube and social media that podcasts were the highlight of everyone’s days. They were programs ‘broadcast’ on devices capable of playing streaming media and back in the day, Blackberry mobile phones were some of the first on the market to feature this capability. But that’s ancient history. 

Today, podcasting is making a comeback in a huge way and believe it or not, recording a podcast can be more fun than you imagine. Each podcast typically runs anywhere from a half hour to an hour-and-a-half, and they are often much like talk radio programming. More brands than you can imagine are willing to pay for being promoted and loyal followers will gladly try products you endorse.

2. Creating and Posting Memes

Believe it or not, many brands will gladly pay for marketing memes. These are often fun to create and although they take that extra bit of creativity, if you are into memes, this might be the way to go. Marketers will often pay big bucks for funny memes involving brands they are paid to promote so get started playing with some of the brands that have captured your interest and start creating memes. You may never be able to use the early memes, but they will be a key selling point for marketing companies you approach.

3. Blogging on the Light Side

If you have a comedic side to your personality, why not start a blog that is light and anything but boring? Today’s audience is tired of bloggers droning on and on just to make a point they are getting paid to make. A consummate blogger can actually have fun doing that and readers will actually enjoy the content. Your content can be accurate but light and funny at the same time. Consider just how many slogans you can capitalize on and with a slight twist, make them funny enough to be easily remembered by your readers. Most brands would actually pay good money for twisting their slogans because that’s just one more way to gain brand recognition the fun and easy way.

There are really plenty of things you can have fun doing in the digital realm and if you make money at it, why not? The key is to enjoy what you do so that it will be a labor of love and not the drudgery of that 9 to 5 you’d like to leave and have fun doing so. With all that said, if you love to talk, try your hand at podcasting. It just might be right up your alley.

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