15 Unique Service Business Ideas

The on-demand service industry witnessed a catastrophic change after the inception of the Uber, the famous ride-hailing service provider in the year 2009. With the inception of this famous ride-hailing service, budding entrepreneurs started to build their on-demand service industry.

According to the Harvard Business Report, the on-demand industry attracts over 22.4 million consumers and has the spending of 57.6 billion dollars annually and has motivated in turn budding entrepreneurs to create their on-demand service industry.

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of the on-demand service industry.

Advantages of The On-Demand Service Industry

  1. Quick and efficient delivery of services
  2. Smooth payment process
  3. Provides jobs to independent contractors
  4. Helps the service provider manage the appointments 
  5. The on-demand service industry helps the entrepreneur manage all the users and service providers and keep track of ways as to how to remain ahead in the market.

Thus, this makes the incorporation of the on-demand service industry a flourishing as well as a profitable business idea for any budding entrepreneur. Done with proper market research and keeping engaged with all the processes of businesses, entrepreneurs would be successful in creating a profitable on-demand service industry for themselves and attract a huge user base for themselves.

However, finding the right business idea is essential as well to direct the success of your on-demand service industry as without the right idea that can drive your users and your customers towards your on-demand service industry.

Below are the unique service ideas that you can think of when you set out to start a new service industry.

15 Unique Service Business Ideas

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1. Doctor On-Demand Service

A person may fall ill and may require medical treatment at any point and with the presence of the doctor on-demand service, you shall be successful in assisting the patients to find a doctor at any point and get treated. Especially thanks to the presence of the doctor on-demand apps, the patients can receive quick medical attention, as and when they need it along with allowing the medical professional to earn extra money depending on the availability set by them. 

2. Medicine On-Demand Service

Finding all the medicines at one single store is far from possible and thus with a medicine on-demand service, users can get connected with several medicine stores and find the medicine they are looking for and get it delivered.

3. Food Delivery Service

Help your users get their favorite meals delivered from their favorite restaurant at their doorstep with a food delivery service. Just through a few taps, and through unique features like multiple payment and real-time tracking, the consumer can get the food delivered to their desired location in a few minutes. 

4. Grocery Delivery Service

Assist your user to get all their necessary items delivered to them with a grocery delivery service. You can automate the delivery process with an app that will quicken the process of delivery and save the time of your customers on a whole. 

5. Beautician On-Demand Service

Provide convenient beauty treatment to your users and assist your beauticians in managing all the appointments made by them with the beautician service.

6. Dog Grooming Service

Groom and pamper the dogs and become a favorite of man’s best friend with your very own dog grooming service. Help the dog owners get connected to verified dog groomers and see yourself becoming a profitable dog-grooming industry. 

7. Fitness Service

Train your users and keep them fit by providing them fitness services wherever they may be located and help them in getting connected to professional fitness trainers nearest to them. 

8. Car Wash Service

Provide car washing and car detailing services to your users and start your very own car wash service industry. Save the precious time of the car owners by providing the car wash and detailing service to them at the comfort of their location. 

9. House Cleaning Service

Assist your users with convenient house cleaners and ease them of the woe of cleaning their house after a long week of work with your house cleaning service. Connect them with professional house cleaners, help the house-cleaners to earn a profitable income and manage their daily organizational activities like appointments, earnings, etc., to name a few.

10. Tutor On-Demand Service

Provide tutor services to your users and help them in the process of learning. Connect the students with professional and reliable private tutors and see yourself earning huge profits from Day 1!

11. Babysitting Service

Start a babysitting service and help users in doing their daily life even after having a child by providing them reliable as well as trustworthy babysitters and see your babysitters earning a good income and being able to automate their appointments, keep track of their earnings, so on and so forth. 

12. Taxi On-Demand Service

Provide convenient and quick taxi on-demand services to your users and assist them in reaching their destination on time with your taxi on-demand service industry. Save them from waiting in the scorching heat by helping them get connected to drivers nearest to them and receive quick, safe and comfortable rides, wherever they may be located and reach their desired destination in the shortest time possible. 

13. Massage On-Demand Service

Provide convenient massage treatment services to your users wherever they may be located with your massage on-demand service industry. Connect them with verified massage professionals and provide seamless massage experiences to them along with assisting the massage service provider to earn a good income and take care of their daily organizational activities like appointment management, service management, etc.

14. Courier Delivery Service

Start your very own courier delivery service and help users send and receive couriers.

15. Tow Truck Service

Assist stranded passengers in getting their car back to its normal state in case of problems like puncture, flat wheels, etc., by starting your tow truck service.

Thus, to sum up, you can consider these service ideas, as quick help is what everyone desires and wishes for and when one gets that, nobody can stop your business from reaching great heights and earning handsome commissions. 

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