Women Guide – How Detoxing Yourself Can Help Balance Your Hormones

Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance? Do you constantly get acne, dry skin, or rashes and you cannot tell why? Have you recently had your period after months of not having it? Do you feel that your breasts are starting to get tender and sore more often?

If you answered yes to almost all of the questions stated above, then you’re probably having a hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is generally normal for women who are either on the peri-menopausal (about 4-6 years before menopause), menopausal or post-menopausal stage. However, this does not mean that you have to stop taking care of yourself or detoxing every now and then. In fact, it’s better to detoxify more than ever during these years.

Detoxing with Food

Detoxing is not solely dependent on food, but it’s one of the many ways that can help balance your hormones. Most foods can help cleanse your body and its organs. Green tea is one of the many examples that can help cleanse your liver and balance your hormones. A few more examples include lemon and lime (which is typically used with water; ex. lemon water), avocados, carrots, and grapefruit.

Women Guide - How Detoxing Yourself Can Help Balance Your Hormones

Now you might ask, how does this help balance my hormones? Well, detoxing with food means you are trying to cleanse your body, and cleansing your body also means you are cleansing your liver. Through this cleansing, you allow your body to excrete excess waste and toxins that only contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Detoxing through Sweat

Working out as a way of detoxing through sweat is equally important as detoxing with food. By working out, you are making sure that your hormones and your liver are working properly. Excess hormones get stored as fat in your body, that’s why it’s important to work out every now and then to excrete the excess toxins through sweat, which can help restore hormonal balance.

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Not only by working out can you restore your body’s natural hormone balance, but also by attending yoga classes. To each his own; it really depends on which type of exercise you’re willing to do, attend, or commit to. As long as you’re sweating and excreting excess body waste or toxins, you’re good to go.

Detoxing through Self-care

There’s no better way to detox than actually taking care of yourself and prioritizing your inner peace and wellness. When you’re stressed, and a lot of things fill up your mind, your brain can signal your body to produce hormones that could help you ease up a bit. But, sometimes this signaling that the brain does cannot help in balancing your hormones. Instead, it only adds up to the excess hormones or toxins in your body.

Detoxing through self-care is easy. Some people are comfortable detoxing through self-care by meditation. Take a few moments off of your day, either during the day or during the night, to close your eyes, reflect, and meditate. Typically, people would suggest thinking of happy thoughts, and this is very effective. Allow your body to release happy hormones by also doing the things that you love (your hobbies, favorite things to do during your past time, etc.)

As for you who’d rather seek medical help that is safe and sure, there is a perfect place made just for you. The KC Wellness Center performs bioidentical hormone replacement in Kansas City that could help you, women, to restore and even maintain your natural and youthful hormone levels. This is one of the best ways to care for yourself and prioritize your health.

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial for you to always look after your health before anything else. You only live once; therefore you have to make sure that you live life well. Although there will be days when you feel like your health isn’t at its best, you can always look for ways that can help you restore your health and hormonal balance and detoxing will always be one of the best ways to do that.

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