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Symptoms and Causes of Excessive Sweating

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Whenever there is summer season, there is excess sweating also. But the thing is that it is not about sweating only; it is also about the foul odor which comes with it. There are a lot of people who often complain about excess sweating during the summer season. Minor sweating is normal, but if someone sweats in excess, it might be a severe issue. The majority of people sweat around underarms and back. But few face the problem of sweating on the hands also. Without any doubt, sweating makes the person uncomfortable when outside. Many people wonder about the causes and symptoms of excessive sweating. Now their search ends here. We will be dwelling on the symptoms and causes of excessive sweating in this article. 

Causes of excessive sweating

The condition which causes excessive sweating is also called hyperhidrosis. It does not mean that sweating will take place in the summer season only. It can happen in unusual situations, too, like in cooler weather. There can be a variety of reasons due to which excessive sweating is there. Let us know the causes of excessive sweating. 

Most of the time, it is the medical conditions that are responsible for excessive sweating. The most common medical conditions resulting in excessive sweating are diabetes and hypertension. People are not aware of the fact that taking tension also leads to excess sweating. Besides this, if some person has diabetes, then he also may be prone to excess sweating. 

For some persons, adolescence can be the primary reason for excessive sweating. There is hormone change during adolescence, leading to excessive sweating in both- boys and girls. 

Then in girls, it is menopause. In girls, the primary reason for sweating is hormonal imbalance. Their body functions change during menstruation and menopause, leading to hormonal imbalance. Consequently, there is excess sweating. 

If someone has a heart-related problem, then such a person can also sweat more than others. 

Besides this, such medical conditions as cancer, tuberculosis, or HIV can also result in excess sweating. There can be sweating on hands, underarms, legs, or anywhere on the body. 

If some person’s sugar level is beyond the normal level, they can also face excess sweating. Due to decreased sugar levels, excessive sweating is bound to take place on the hands. 

Another medical condition making its way towards excessive sweating is thyroid. Due to the thyroid also, one may feel excess sweat on different body parts. 

Pregnancy also can sometimes cause excessive sweating. In pregnancy, the woman’s body weight is nearly doubled, owing to which she faces difficulty in doing numerous tasks and breathing also. Consequently, sweating is pretty normal in such cases. 

Apart from all these causes, anxiety is also responsible for this. When a person takes too much stress over anything, sweating on the forehead, hands, and body is normal. 

Some products also lead to excessive sweating, like liquor and alcohol. To some people, alcohol does not suit and leads to excess sweating. 

Lastly, there is obesity. If a person is overweight or obese, then such a person breathes heavily, which ultimately leads to excessive sweating. 

Symptoms of excessive sweating 

Most people are not able to tell the difference between normal sweating and excess sweating. So here are some of the symptoms which will help you to distinguish between them both. 

One of the foremost symptoms of excessive sweating is when you sweat without reason for around six months. 

When sweat occurs on both sides of your body, it is around the same amount. 

When you encounter excessive sweating once in a week or too often, then it is a symptom of excessive sweating. 

Consider it a significant symptom if you face trouble in your work or relationships due to excess sweating. 

There are also chances that if someone in your family has excessive sweating, you may also face the same problem. It means that it may be hereditary. So if there is a family history of this problem, it is also one of the symptoms of excessive sweating. 

How to get rid of excessive sweating 

Sweating is normal, but excessive sweating can land you in trouble. You need to get rid of excess sweating by adopting appropriate means and consult with your doctor if it seems serious to you. How to get rid of sweaty hands is the issue that troubles people. 

The first significant thing which is recommended is to use the creams. There are specific creams available in the market to treat excessive sweating. Consequently you can use them.

Then there are antiperspirants available for the same. If you consult the doctor, then it is the first thing your doctor will prescribe you. 

There are some nerve-blocking medications also. These medications block the chemicals preventing some nerves from coming in contact with each other, thereby preventing sweating. 

There are also some injections to treat excessive sweating like botox and myobloc. There will be several injections to treat each body part. Its impact will last around 12 months, and consequently, you will have to take repeated treatments to ensure that you do not sweat much. 

Another natural remedy for this is to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. It will surely relieve you from excessive sweating. 

You can also use a hand antiperspirant for this. Apply some lotion all over your hands to keep it dry. Keep massaging it until it gets absorbed in your skin and helps you with excessive sweating. 

Apple cider vinegar is the magic ingredient that will work best to treat excessive sweat. With this, the Ph balance of your hands gets maintained, and sweating vanishes. 


After learning about its treatment, it will be much easier for you to get rid of those irritating sweaty hands. You must have got an answer to your question- how to get rid of sweaty hands

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