Why your offline store should start accepting mobile payment?

Mobile payment is on the rise today since Apple Pay hit the market in 2014. Since then, there goes the emergence of Samsung Pay and Android Pay to cater to the current demands of customers. You may think by accepting credit cards is good enough, but no, you may not know
everything about how mobile payment is altering the way we work.

It will be your killer feature if you can offer as many as you can for payment methods. Your business will develop in a good way, as
customers can see the convenience of the payment with new innovation added in your physical store.

offline store should start accepting mobile payment

Mobile payment is getting to be noticeably along with the demands and purchasing behaviors of millennials. And to not be out of date, here are the following reasons of why your physical store needs to start using mobile payment?

Why offline store should start accepting mobile payment

1. Increase in sales

We often go to physical store knowing that they only accept cash or cards, but hey it’s 2017 now! People prefer everything to be smooth and simple, and we know the fact that they rely heavily on their smart phone.

It will be awesome if the physical store owner starts to offer mobile payment because it will increase the efficiency of their sales. Some customers just go away, even though they have something in their mind when they see a long queue in the store.

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Even a poll done by CreditCards.com found that more than 50% of consumers definitely increase mobile payment usage if rewards points were offered. Reward program should be initiated to encourage the usage of mobile payment, because it will be easier for customers to claim their rewards by using mobile phone.

All of these strategies are beneficial for both parties, and it will help you to increase your sale.

2. Easy and simple​ (convenient)

Mobile payment is easy to be used, because today people carry their smartphone everywhere. You don’t really have to tell them how to use it, instead they are the one who looking for mobile payment.

Such convenience help them to purchase any item they want. No longer “I don’t have enough cash on my hand”, “I forgot to bring my wallet” or “ATM queue is too long, I give up” kind of excuses from your customers, instead they can just manage their transaction from their mobile phone.

3. Enhance customer’s experience

No one says it’s easy to deliver the best customer’s experience, but you can always make a plan to attract them. Offering mobile payment is one of the way you can try, because by then the selling-buying process will be fast and quick.

The transaction can be done simply by customer hovers their phone on Near Field Communication (NFC). Mobile payment
capability depends on your payment processor, thus it’s vital to work with
the one that suits your needs the most. When customers feel satisfied with what you provide them, they will come to you again and again!

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