How to Claim Your Free Loyalty Reward Packs in NHL 23

All NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards will be provided through either Hockey Ultimate Team or the NHL 23 website (HUT). The contents of each pack have yet to be revealed, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be low-quality cards that can be traded for NHL 23 coins. If the cards aren’t very good, at least you can trade them in for HUT coins, which can be used to buy even more NHL 23 HUT Items.

Due to a misunderstanding, the Loyalty Rewards system has been reinstated for NHL 23. Those who have played numerous yearly releases from the series are rewarded by EA Sports with extra packs and other perks each year. There was an announcement made before that the same would happen this year, but since then, players have been uncertain.

Importantly, the issue was explained, and the player base was made aware of the plans to address it through the game’s official Twitter account. Also, a tweet from the powers that be clarified the parameters for participation and the range of possible bonuses. Those who have been loyal fans from the games’ inception will be rewarded more handsomely.

EA Sports has a long tradition of showing appreciation to committed NHL video game players via in-game and online content. You can always count on getting a Loyalty Reward of some form in the next NHL video game if you’ve played previous games in the series. Typically, the Loyalty Rewards are a certain amount of Hockey Ultimate Team Packs. There was some uncertainty over this year’s loyalty incentive for NHL 23, but EA used Twitter to set the record straight.

More Loyalty Reward Packs will be given out to loyal fans of the NHL team. In Hockey Ultimate Team, the more packets you can crack open, the greater your chances of gaining a head start on the competition.

Since the news broke, many people have wondered how Club Bags would affect their copies of the game already purchased. On Twitter, Clappy has also verified that they would be given out as part of the Loyalty Rewards.

As a method to show appreciation to their loyal fan base, EA Sports has long been a proponent of providing special benefits to past game purchasers. Your EA ID is how EA can tell whether you’ve ever played one of their games before, in this case, NHL. There is no further action required on your part to get these benefits. In the event that you have fulfilled any of the aforementioned conditions but have not yet received your Loyalty Rewards, you may anticipate doing so in the near future.

What You’ll Get In Exchange

These bonuses may be obtained without much effort on the part of the player. All pertinent information is stored in the EA-registered ID and will be used to distribute the incentives. Anyone who has used the same ID for NHL 22 and NHL 23 will automatically qualify for the bonuses when they become available from the developers.

Changing the EA ID will prevent gamers from receiving their prizes, making it the single most crucial part of the system. Forget about getting your prize if you don’t keep using the same ID; doing so will render your previous efforts null and void.

As was previously noted, the number of prior yearly releases a player has played will determine the level of prizes they get. The whole list of benefits that participants may get from the program is as follows:

  • Three Loyalty Reward Packs for NHL 20, 21, or 22
  • Obtain 5 Loyalty Reward Packs and choose any 2 from NHL 20, 21, or 22.
  • Complete set of 10 Loyalty Reward Packs for NHL 20, 21, and 22

The formula is straightforward: the more a gamer has played in recent years, the greater their benefits. In NHL 23, these packs may be opened in the HUT mode, and they have a chance to include cards that are very beneficial to pros. The Heads-Up Tournament mode is the game’s answer to FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team. Each player may assemble their own unique team using a wide variety of powerful cards, then compete in a variety of events and challenges.

Of course, the perks will aid players much in their HUT mode exploits. There has been no official word from EA Sports on when exactly the incentives would be delivered to the participants. If you want the latest information on this, we recommend that you subscribe to Sportskeeda and the game’s official channels.

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