Why You Need Strip Lights for Your Next Camping Trip

LED strip lights are a common source of light because of their ease of access. You place them almost anywhere. Because of its flexibility, you can easily manipulate where to put it.


On the other hand, going on a camping trip is a nice way to relax. Using LED rigid strip lights makes it more exciting. Enjoy the night with beautiful background lighting. 

What are strip lights?

LED strip lights are flexible light sources that can be placed everywhere. It offers the best lighting experience. Strip lights are easy to install.

strip lights

Because of their flexibility, strip lights are easy to manipulate. You can tie it around anything or stick it over something. Then you’ll have a strip of lighting source. 

LED strip lights are better than other conventional lighting sources. Despite being more expensive, they offer the best features among other lighting sources.

Why use a strip light?

These are some of the reasons why you need to use a strip light during your next camping trip:

Enhance the mood

Strip lights are appealing to look at. Its unique structure adds drama to your design. No matter how these lights are, they make a lot of difference. 


Because strip lights are tight and compact, you can easily bring them wherever you go. If you are bound to your next camping trip, you can just roll them up and place them in a bag. But, the illumination it gives is strong and powerful, perfect for outdoor lighting.

Place it along with chunks of wood and you’ll have a nice background of a well-lit ambiance. You can also hang them around your camping site and you’ll have a full blast of a circling light source. Strip lights have the power to create an ambiance to enhance your mood. 

Easy installation

Since strip lights are flexible, you can easily install them on anything. They are very easy to manipulate. There are strip lights that have adhesive backings. If you plan on using them for your next camping trip, you can just stick them wherever you want. 


As such, you can gather some twigs and arrange them for whatever design you want. Install your strip light and you’ll have a nicely made lighting source. Just make sure to keep the spot dry and clean before sticking the adhesive side of your strip lights. 

For a more unique and ambient vibe, place them under subtle and hidden areas. If you line up chunks of wood and place the strip lights under them, it makes a creative lighting design. Nevertheless, strip lights can be installed without much effort. 

Dim effects

LED strip lights have a lot of features. The most common one is its flexibility. But did you know that these lights are also dimmable? Yes, with the right controller, you can control its light intensity. 

dim effect

This makes it a perfect choice for your camping experience. All you need is the right strip lights attached with a controller. Once you’re done with the installation, create the best lighting experience with controllable dimming effects. 

Low energy consumption

Despite the strength of illumination it gives, LED strip lights only consume a small amount of energy. They are designed to emit high-intensity light even with minimal power consumption. Thus, making it the best choice if you need something to light up your camping experience. 

low energy

Because strip lights have low energy consumption, you won’t have any problem when it comes to power sources. Just a little is enough. Enjoy your camping experience using strip lights and give light to your night. 

Absence of heat

Unlike other conventional lighting sources, LED strip lights don’t produce any heat. They are designed to have a safe heat catch. Thus, making it the best choice as a lighting source. 

camping linght

If you are going out to a camp, it’s the perfect thing to use. You won’t have to worry about overheating and possible accidents that may come around. It’s a safety feature of strip light that makes it better than other lighting sources. 

How to choose a strip light? 

When it comes to choosing a strip light, it’s fairly simple. Choose something with the best quality. Preferably something that has a waterproof feature and dim control. 

camp with lights

Make sure to pick the ones that have the highest safety grading. You want to have the best illumination with the least risk at hand. Safety must always be a priority. 

Where to buy strip lights?

There are a lot of choices in buying your strip lights. It’s better to order it from a trusted manufacturer that has the best reviews. Check on ELSTAR’s 5050 LED rigid strip. They offer the best features with the highest quality. 


It has a high output, high brightness, and excellent thick aluminum hard PCB. It comes with a 12V or 24V power option. It’s 5 meters long and has an IP20 waterproof rating. 

Check on ELSTAR and pick your choice. Have them shipped via Amazon’s FBABEE, Amazon’s trusted freight forwarder. You won’t have to worry anything about your package because they give the best freight services


Using strip lights for your next camping trip is a good choice. You can have the best lighting experience without much effort when it comes to installation.

Enjoy the fun and excitement with your next camping trip. With proper lighting, make out the best of your ideas. Be creative and use strip lights to add beauty to your night. 


All you need’s a little concept and application. Install them whatever way you want. Either way, strip lights can be easily mounted. Besides, you can just change them afterward for a better spot.

Just remember to follow standard health protocols wherever you go. Wear face masks and don’t forget to bring hand sanitizers. Enjoy your night and chill out with your friends and loved ones.

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