How to Make Your Family Camping Trip More Enjoyable

No matter your favorite style of camping, there are simple investments that you can make to your gear that will add to your comfort and enjoyment. Whether you need to replace your bed or install a new convection cooktop, small upgrades can make a huge difference in your camping enjoyment, comfort, and relaxation. Visit for some genuine outdoor tips.

Get a Dehumidifier

If you’re in an RV and there will be a lot of folks using the space, invest in a mini-dehumidifier to keep the rig cooler. These are especially critical if it’s chilly enough outside that you have to sleep with the windows closed. An RV full of sleepers is a lot of exhalations. Consider putting one in the bathroom and another in the middle of the space. The dining table and the kitchen counter would both be a great location for a second dehumidifier.

Invest in a Tall Tent

No matter the height of your fellow travelers, the ‘wow’ factor on trying to get dressed from a kneeling position is going to get old. Get a tall tent. Find one that’s comfortable for the tallest person in your group, and if you need to, let them sleep in it and let everyone else sleep in the pup tents; the tall tent can become the family room if it rains or gets too cold. Also, consider height when it’s time to look for a shower tent. You can also go for glamping if you got a good budget.

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Get a Paper Map

There are many great map apps, but if you’re headed off into the wilderness and the weather gets bad or you have car trouble, a paper map can help you locate a new campsite, successfully hike your way out of trouble and call for help if needed

Print off a quality paper map of the place you’re headed and mark it up so you know the turn-offs and alternate routes. Finally, if you camp in one state most of the time, consider a detailed map of each county in one state atlas.

Consider Making a Car Bed

For tent campers who love to get out no matter the weather, have an emergency car-sleeping set up. If your camping weekend gets slammed by torrential rains, you can find a spot to sleep in town while you avoid getting washed out of the mountains. If you’ve got an SUV or a pickup with a shell, you can put down one of the best RV mattress choices so long as it fits in the space, you can sleep in comfort while you wait for the storms to pass. Once you can get to your intended location, your tent camping experience will be greatly enhanced with a comfy mattress to put down over your sleeping pads. Of course, you can also put a new mattress to good use in your current RV!

Catch a Nice Adventure Movie before Bedtime

One of the best ways to bond during a camping trip is to consume great entertainment. When you are about to go off to sleep, try using your laptop to catch a movie or a tv series. You can plan in advance and use sites like the ipiratebay to download the movies or tv shows. Simply carry it in a pen drive and use your laptop to view the movie. This is a great way to spend time and bring the entire family together.

Get Disposable Cameras

Make sure everyone has a disposable camera and the chance to lead a hike. Even little ones can feel like intrepid explorers, leading the family forward to the top of a hill or to a lookout point. Once they arrive, your leader can arrange everyone for a group photo and take some shots of the view for their own enjoyment later.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Hoodie

In the summer, campers always have to have bug spray. In the winter, make sure everyone in your clan has a hoodie, preferably with a pouch. Many camping experts recommend sleeping in a stocking cap, but if you can’t keep a stocking cap on, a hoodie can be used as pajamas when the temperature drops. Additionally, make sure everyone has a windbreaker, preferably with a hood, and a fleece blanket in their gear. Visit local craft stores and look for the fleece blanket kits that join two pieces of fleece. Separate these panels and pass them around. Even a cheap windbreaker can make it possible to avoid the “cut” of cold wind, and a single fleece panel inside your sleeping bag can really take the chill off your feet and legs.

The year 2020 has been about togetherness for quite a long time. If your family time is making everyone a little bonkers, a camping trip could be a wonderful way to reduce tension and get some fresh air without being exposed to other travelers.

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