Which Is A Better Studio Apartment Or Service Apartment?

Which Is A Better Studio Apartment Or Service Apartment?

Today booking apartments on vacation purposes is becoming common in the world because everybody wants a good memorable and peaceful vacation. There are two types of serviced apartments available for the people who want luxurious accommodation for vacation. One is a serviced apartment and the other is a studio apartment. Some factors which show the difference between them:

More Space/ Less Space

A serviced apartment has a big space because it has more than one room with many decorations like cartons, furniture, a large washroom, kitchen with all the amenities but a studio apartment has very little space in comparison to serviced apartments. It has only one room with sufficient space and necessary furniture, it has only a living and sleeping area and sometimes the kitchen also. A serviced apartment is more sophisticated from the studio apartment.

Which Is A Better Studio Apartment Or Service Apartment?

Luxuries Of Serviced And Studio Apartments

A serviced apartment has so much luxury which can be not necessary for people sometimes. As serviced apartments are big so they place many luxurious things like TVs, DVD player, refrigerator, couch, etc. which are bigger in size, but studio apartment has only a few luxuries which are the necessities for lifelike one couch, a small TV, no DVD player, no refrigerator. It has not much space to put some other luxuries which are not needed.

Cost Of Apartments

A serviced apartment costs like hotels or sometimes cheaper than hotels, but the amenities can raise the utility bill because of extra luxury like extra lights. But as the studio apartments are not so spacious as it doesn’t have luxuries like serviced so, it comes in budget. It has a lower price than serviced apartments with necessary luxuries.

Price can vary with the space and location of the apartments. The websites of the apartments show all the details about that particular apartment so that you can choose apartments according to you.

Experience Of Living In A Serviced Apartment And A Studio Apartment

The experience of living in an apartment will be better than a studio apartment because the serviced apartment has more space, luxury, and comfort than a studio apartment. The studio apartment cannot have the view you want all the time and it is good for a single person to stay because they are too small but a serviced apartment is bigger than that and here traveler can come with family or group of friends to stay, so it needs a huge space to build which can give a perfect view to the traveler. So, the experience of staying in a serviced apartment will be better than a studio apartment.

The serviced apartment is good for both the reason whether it can be a business trip or a vacation with family. Businessmen give first priority to serviced apartments most because they have meetings and conferences. The studio apartments are for those who like to travel alone and want to save money. Now whichever apartment you choose, it is very important that you fill the lease correctly. There are many great sites like which assist you very well in going through the formalities of leasing. So select the one which suits your needs and personality. 

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